Shared Bikes in Chengdu ( Part 1)

release time:June 6th,2017



1.Download the App and register by your phone number.

You can also follow Ofo's official Wechat account to borrow one. Or you can use Mobike by Wechat's mini program. 

Real name registration: passport registration is available for people without a Chinese ID card. You can input in your name, certificate number, nationality and upload a photo of your passport ID page and a photo of you holding the passport. 

2.Deposit and Prepay  

Ofo: 99 RMB for deposit. Top up 20, 50 or 100 RMB to your account.  

Bluegogo: 99 RMB for deposit. Pay after using.  

Mobike: 299 RMB for deposit Top up 1-100 RMB to your account. 

(Pay by Wechat or Alipay)


3. Fare 

Ofo: 0.5 RMB/h for teachers or students, 1 RMB/h for other users.  

Bluegogo: 0.5 RMB/30m  

Mobike: 1 RMB/30m or 0.5 RMB/30m 

Main Public Bikes 


The founders were students of Peking University. It was originally campus public bikes launched in September 2015. In November 2016, it was put into use in urban areas and launched the Ofo 3.0 bikes and the "city sharing project". Entered Chengdu in December. 



Behind the brand, there is a team of experts in bike designing and producing. It settled in Shenzhen, the first station in November 2016 and entered Chengdu in December.  



Founders of Mobike come from different fields, such as media, IT, foreign companies, etc. It was put into use in Shanghai in April 2016 and entered Chengdu in November.  



Local brands: Yibu Bike and Panda Bike.  

Other brands: Youon

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