Urban Traffic System (Part 2)

release time:June 6th,2017

Chengdu Bus 

    Most of Chengdu buses are self-service ticketing buses. Riders insert coins/cash into a collection box or use transportation card, with no change returned. 

Ticket: CNY 2 (CNY 3 from 22:00-06:00); Tianfu Tong Card (transportation card of Chengdu) is acceptable.

Running time: It is various from route to route. Details can be found at bus stations/stops.



BRT (2nd Elevated Ring Road) 

    Chengdu 2nd Elevated Ring Road was put into use in May 2013. This urban expressway is 28.3 km long without any traffic light at present. 28 pairs of BRT stops are arranged at intervals of about 1km on average. It takes about 66min for a bus to travel the whole course. 

Ticket: CNY 2; Tianfu Tong Card (transportation card of Chengdu) is acceptable.

Running time: 06:00-23:00

Chengdu Taxi

Charge: Flagfall is CNY 8/2km for ordinary taxi and CNY 9/2km for Volkswagen Sagitar taxi; after the first 2km, it is CNY 1.90/km; when the route is more than 10km, there would be empty-return surcharge of 50%, i.e. CNY 2.85/km; Flagfall is CNY 9 from 22:00 to 06:00.


Future Traffic: Chengdu Tram 

    As the first tram project of Southwest China, it is a rapid transportation system connecting Chengdu main urban areas and satellite cities as well as city clusters of secondary and tertiary circles. R1, the first tramway of Chengdu, was put into trial operation on May 5, 2016, with commissioning and running-in completed in June. It is about 24.56km long in full, extending from Longwangdu Neighborhood to South Xinjin Railway Station of Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan intercity high-speed railway line. It will be further extended to the intersection between Chengdu-Pujiang Expressway and Xinsha Road. It is planned to oprate 6 tramways in Chengdu till 2020. 

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