Best Take-away Souvenirs

release time:May 29th,2017

    What do you want to take home from Chengdu? Food, landscape or beauties? It seems that you cannot bring them back apart from taking photos. But do not worry. The essence of Chengdu can still be brought back home. You can find you fond memory about Chengdu through these best take-away souvenirs for your friends and family members. 

Four Traditional Handicrafts of Chengdu: The Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage 

Shu Brocade Masterpiece of silk fabrics

    Brocade is a kind of silk fabric of ancient China, representing the most sophisticated technique of fabrics. The history of Shu brocade can be traced back to Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods over 2,000 years ago. For brocade products, they demand rare raw materials and complicated crafting procedures. As its process was time-consuming, it was said that the value of brocade was on par with gold. In ancient times, only high-ranking officials could afford it, which made brocade a fashion trend among them. 

Price: Generally, handkerchief, scarves and accessories with Shu embroidery are sold at the price range of CNY 200 to 600, but for those worth to be collected, the price may stand over CNY 10,000.

Where to buy: 

Chengdu Arts and Crafts Boutique  Add: B5, 32 Zongfu Road, Chengdu

Shu Brocade Institute (Kuan Alley)  Add: B1, 46 Kuan Alley, Chengdu 


Silver filament Exquisite Craftsmanship 

    Inherits traditional techniques originated 2,000 years ago. 999 high purity silver is selected as material. It takes several days or even months to finish a product, with nearly 40 crafting procedures being needed such as twisting, filling, casting, inscribing, engraving and welding, which often takes several days or even months to finish a product.

Price: In general, the price of a ring differs from dozens of yuan or over CNY 100. The majority of bracelets cost a few hundreds of yuan. For silver filament tray and silver tray, at least CNY 1,000 is needed for smaller items or several thousands of CNY is required for large size ones. The price of silver filament vase and other items for decoration purposes is normally higher than CNY 10,000. 

Where to buy: 

Chengdu Handicraft Collection  Add: Kuanzhai Alleys, Chengdu

Dao'an Silver Filament Shop  Add: 66 Wenshufang Folk Culture Business Street, Wenshuyuan Street, Chengdu 


Lacquer ware Oriental beauty

    For traditional lacquer ware, lacquer refers to raw lacquer produced naturally, namely, the natural sap cut from lacquer tree. It can be cut once every five years and painstaking efforts are needed to collect half kilo of lacquer. It is considered as tears of lacquer trees, and very precious. 

    According to history record, early in Shang and Zhou Dynasties over 3,000 years ago, the techniques of making lacquer ware in Chengdu had already become mature. Now, lacquer ware made in Chengdu still adopts natural raw lacquer and wood as materials. The finished products differ in sizes, ranging from folding screens, lacquer paintings to fruit tray, bowls and plates. These functional and artistically aesthetic products are well polished and decorated with bright color paintings.

Price: Even the smallest lacquer wares are costly, such as trays, bowls and other items. The price for one fruit tray is over CNY 1,000. 

Where to buy: 

Songxianqiao Antiques Market  Add: 24 Huanhua Road North, Chengdu 

Chengdu Lacquer Ware Workshop  Add: 66 Wenshufang Folk Culture Business Street, Wenshuyuan Street, Chengdu


Bamboo weaving over porcelain Unique art of Sichuan

    Bamboo filament as thin as hair is woven on white and glazing porcelain in a very tight and exquisite way, following shape of the porcelain. The techniques have been carried forward over several centuries and this handicraft shows the distinctive Chinese beauty.

    The techniques of thick bamboo filament weaving had appeared early in Neolithic age in China. For thousands of years, it becomes more popular among the public and those products include mat, cool pillow, fan, smaller and larger sized basket, kep, dustpan and other daily necessities. These products are largely made and widely used in China, among which, Chengdu bamboo weaving is the most representative

Price: The price for bamboo product ranges from dozens to thousands.

Where to buy: 

Songxianqiao Antiques Market  Add: 24 Huanhua Road North, Chengdu

Chengdu Porcelain Bamboo Weaving Factory  Add: 12 First Section of Jiefang Road North


Smart Gift Choices 

    Apart from the above-mentioned gifts, you can select the following Chinese style gifts or souvenirs with distinct Chengdu characteristics as described below. 

Tea from Sichuan

    China is the origin place of tea planation and drinking in the world, while Sichuan is one of the regions that have the longest history of tea plantation and tea drinking. Sichuan offers Qingcheng Mountain Xueya, Pujiang Queshe(sparrow tongue shaped tea), E'mei Zhuyeqing, Mengding Ganlu(produced on Mengding Mountain). Chinese people drink tea as we are seeking the balance between human beings and the nature. Tea from Sichuan opens a way for people to appreciate the charm of Sichuan and tea culture of China. 

Liquor from Sichuan 

    Unique geographical and climatic conditions make Sichuan one of the best places for brewing liquor (liquor) in China. The alcohol content is mostly above 40 degrees though the ingredients are different, delivering distinct flavors. Liquor produced here is strong but features pleasant aftertaste, which is definitely worth a try.


Condiments of Sichuan cuisine

    It is a pity that Chengdu delicacies cannot be packed in your luggage. But to share tasty food with others, you can buy condiments of Sichuan cuisine in supermarkets. Feel at a loss when dealing with single type of condiment? There are hotpot seasonings, various packaged condiments for Sichuan cuisine and snacks, so it is very user-friendly and you just need to get all ingredients ready. 

Where to buy: You can buy them at large commercial supermarkets like Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Auchan, Renrenle, Trust-Mart or local convenience stores such as Hongqi Chain Store and Wudongfeng Chain Store.

DVD of Sichuan opera

Watching Sichuan opera cannot be missed. However, if you pitifully missed it, the simplest way to enjoy it is to buy the DVD. You can appreciate it together with your friends.

Where to buy:

Winshare (Chunxi Road)  Add: 9, South Section, Chunxi Road, Chengdu 

Tianfu Bookstore (Renmin Road South)  Add: 86, Section 1, Renmin Road South, Chengdu

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