Residence Permit in Chengdu for Personal Matters

release time:February 26th,2018

Did you just ask to apply for a residence permit for personal matters? Here comes the INFO class!

Suitable Applicants

Foreigners applying for long-term stays to visit spouse, parents, children under the age of 18 and parents of spouse residing in China for work or study, and those who need to reside in China for other personal matters.


Application Materials

Original copy of valid passport or other international travel document, and visa page and entry stamp.

Visa / Stay Permit / Residence Permit Application Form.

Original copy of Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals.

One recently taken photo, with white background and showing the upper body and full, uncovered face.


Applicants holding S1 Visa shall submit original copy of correspondence that proves kinship between visitor and the visited (spouse, parents, parents-in-law, children under the age of 18) and original copy of residence permit of visited relative. Other applicants shall submit original relevant materials concerning his/her personal matters.


Applicants holding other visas shall submit original correspondence provided by the visited relative, original copy of residence permits of the visited relative, and original copy of kinship certificate (spouse, parents, parents-in-law, children under the age of 18) between visitor and the visited relative. Foreigners applying due to humanitarian reasons shall submit relevant documents.


Foreigners receiving medical help or service in China shall provide original copies of documents of hospitalization or medical services of duration over six months issued by Grade Two Class A medical institutions or those at or above county level.


Foreign nationality Chinese at the age of 60 or above that have purchased real estate property in China shall provide original copy of certificate of ownership, or original copy of notarized property purchase contract and original copy of notarized source of income.


Foreigners applying for residence permit valid for more than one year shall submit original copy of health certificate (not required for those under the age of 18).


Original copies of other required documents.


Handling Procedures

Consult -- Fill in forms -- Get queue number -- Service accepted -- Obtain receipt of application document -- Print payment voucher -- Pay fees -- Obtain visa


Processing Time:7 working days

Service Unit

Exit & Entry Administration Division of Chengdu Public Security Bureau


Location and Contact Phone

Add.: 3/F, Chengdu Exit and Entry Service Center, No.2 West Renmin Road, Chengdu

Tel.: 028-86407067   028-86407364

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