Legal Service for Expatsin CD

release time:December 7th,2017

  Today, I would like to introduce you to the legal service for foreigners in Chengdu. How do foreigners protect their property and rights in a legal way? Check it out.   



  Legally established law firms

  (List of Sichuan law firms and practicing lawyers that have passed the annual evaluation can be checked on the website of the Department of Justice of Sichuan: http//

  Handling Procedures

  Step 1: check and examine the practicing license of the law firm, confirm that it is a law practicing organization approved and registered according to the law. For lawyer appointed by the law firm to handle the commissioned service, check and examine the lawyer's practicing license and inspect the annual evaluation record on the license.

  Step 2: Sign written commission contract with law firm, and explicitly confirm information such as the commissioned service and limits of the commission, and the calculation and payment methods of lawyer's service fees and travel expenses.

  Step 3: Pay lawyer's service fees to the law firm, and upon receiving the service fees the law firm shall issue lawful payment receipt.

  Complain hotline

  Reprimand and Supervision Committee of Chengdu Bar Association: 028-86267993

  Lawyer Division of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Justice: 028-61881877

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