What else could you do but shiver forever?

release time:November 28th,2017

  It's a frightful moment. A song, its meaning, years later, catches up with us. You shudder at this belated resonance.

  You are fluttering through snow under the bright southern sun. In the frosted nights of the north, I stand, radiant as spring, as ever.

  My neighbor Carmen is still confronting the wintery onslaught head-on with flimsy nylon stockings.

  Me? I've already sealed myself in a fortress of 360D furry insulated leggings.

I've come to an overdue realization. Too later perhaps, but here I am now.

It takes a certain degree of grit - and high quality winter wear - survive this season. So with that in mind.

  In a winter without heat gear, I just want to scream:


  I'd like to apologize to my boss. I shall reinvent myself in the image you command.

  So I guess this article is sort of a self-help guide for people like myself who are afraid of the cold. Other than the methods and goodies below, how else can we stay warm!


Mainstream methods

  Thermal underwear

  This should be a no-brainer. It's OK, you are not 13 anymore. You know how cold it is, right? Don't make mama yell at you, put on your long johns!


  Tank tops

  This kind of thermal tank envelops your torso in a tight fitting yet comfy cuddle. Easily concealed under sweaters and coats, this is a nifty choice for retaining both warmth and style.


  Heated cushions

  Saw this baby on Taobao and my eyes lit up at the thought of its practicality. Just like heated beddings, you plug in and they heat up, with adjustable temperature control. Sit on it and most of your body will warm up too. Bonus, it can even function as a blanket for your afternoon nap.


  Shoe heater

  Maybe you too have had this predicament: your shoes, washed on a cold and gloomy day, refuse to dry or become warm enough for your human use. So you are afraid of your meeting freezing, and this is where the shoe heater comes in. Place the gadget in your shoes before heading out and your shoes will be nice and warm to start your day on a. cozy note. 


  Then there are hot water bags, heat lamps, fan heaters, heated beddings, heated rugs, space heaters, USB heated mouse pads, heated footrests, hot packs (some for hands, some for feet)

  The heat gears above can be used both in the office and at home. I mean, survival comes before productivity. 

  Nontraditional methods

  Multifunctional feet warmers


  Charge this thing and make the whole body warm! I mean it. The Whole Body: Feet, hands, back, and neck. Use it where the coldness if most acute.

  Heated leg warmers


  Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, just stick your legs in. According to the product description, this device also incorporates hot moxibustion therapy, vibration massage and hot compression functions. Say goodbye to cold winters!

  Windbreaker for mopeds


  Must-have item for motorcycle-riders, moped-riders and bike-riders

  Body warmers


  Yeah...wrap yourself up like a dumpling. Keeps you warm but also somewhat immobile.

  This treatise on staying warm during winter has depleted me. I have nothing to add, so if you want to offer some advice of your own, please help yourself.


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