Passing travelers: When I have to Leave ( Part 1 )

release time:October 27th,2017

  In Chengdu, there are millions of non-locals, who come to this unfamiliar city for various reasons. Some of them leave quickly, some stay for long. On the streets, you can see foreigners who come to Sichuan, the hometown of giant pandas, out of admiration in an endless stream. They come here to adventure and explore the oriental city. With international horizon, they pick up"Chinese characteristics" which have long been familiar to the locals. And these "characteristics" have eventually become parts of Chengdu's internationalization.

Amelie Bourget.png

Amelie Bourget 

  Amelie Bourget, a cute 19-year-old Canadian with sparkling,beautiful eyes, is always full of vigor and in high spirit. She has a great passion for art. Upon hearing anecdotes, she likes uttering "cool" to express her affirmation and praise. Meanwhile, she embraces fresh things quickly and delightfully. During her stay in Chengdu, she worked as an art teacher in a middle school and planned to come back next year. Amelie Bourget stayed in Chengdu from 1 May to 30 June, 2014.

Maria Tognon.png

Maria Tognon

  A 22-year-old Italian girl whose deep-set eyes and beautiful smile bring out her European passion from within, said that the town in which she grew up in is not far away from Milan--only 7.34 kilometers away (Wikipedia), and was known merely because of the Seveso Disaster (an industrial accident in a chemical plant in 1976). However, the local residents in the town are all with simple and merry disposition, so the girl has also brought the optimism and generosity to Chengdu, a city located in the other side of the globe. She stayed in Chengdu for a short period of time from 23 April to 8July, 2014.

James Beck.png

James Beck

  24-year-old James Beck is a handsome American young man, who retains the typical American nature of "yearning for freedom" and at the same time tries to integrate himself into Chengdu local life. During the two years in Chengdu, he traveled extensively, making business trips to the domestic cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Xi'an. Meanwhile, he explored Asian culture, taking China as his base camp. James Beck worked and lived in Chengdu from the summer of 2012 to the summer of 2014.


Jimmy Gottlieb

  This Uncle Sam who has travelled many places in China is already 52 years old, with a Chinese name "持夢" (traditional Chinese for respecting his intention, literally "holding dreams"). He has been to China on several occasions, and has deemed Chengdu to be his second home. As long as he comes to China, he stays in Chengdu for some period of time. Coming from Southern California, he is not used to the "frigid winter" of Chengdu, so he usually visits during the months of April to October.

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