Tips to Refresh Your Holiday

By Delia |  release time:August 1st,2018

When the summer holiday comes, students never cease to post on social media, WeChat's Moments, about their enjoyable life as a "Fat Otaku". 


            Finally, I will have a holiday and do a fat otaku together.

After a thorough study, I would like to introduce the "set meal of fat otaku", a current hot topic, to you. 


Derived from Japan's ACG (Anime, Comic and Games) world, "Otaku Culture" has prevailed around the world since the early years. After several years of development, people call the fans that always stay at home and gain weights "fat otaku". Then, the so-called "set meal of fat otaku" is the high-calorie food that can always be found on their menu. 

Here, we can see such "standard equipment" as: 


Coke has a high degree of sugar, which have a good assistant in emotion regulation.



A bite of pizza with strongly-flavored cheese or biscuit with smooth chocolate may gradually remove your gloomy mood. 



The chicken-related dishes like fried chicken, roasted wings, and chicken cutletal so enjoys crispy mouth feel and long-lasting after tastes.



How about enjoying some popular milky tea after study or work, then, your worry on the growing weights may overweigh the confusion of life. This is so-called "Dissipating Sorrow with Milky Tea". 



For spicy dishes, you will never regret to try spicy strips, hotpots, chuanchuan (cold stick hotpot), and barbecue.


Have you gotten today’s "Set Meal of Fat Otaku"? Here, I cannot help but swallow amouthful of saliva for greed. By the way, according to my experience, you will feel more than pleased if enjoying such dishes later. At last, I wish all of us could enjoy our otaku life forever without getting fat.

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