Got It | He Ordered Two Bowls of “Shut-door Soup”

By Delia |  release time:July 12th,2018

One day, John, a foreign friend of me, shared his interesting misunderstanding when he was working in Chengdu.

At that day, when John and his customer reached the commercial contract after several rounds of negotiations, it was the time for dinner. Then he friendly invitedthe customer to dinner. But his customer refused in Chinese with a smile "Don't bother, after taking your pill of assurance (Dingxinwan), I feel much better". His words confused John, who tried to search for the restaurant offering pill of assurance.

Today, I will tell you some Chinese idioms which seemingly relate to "eat".


The original meaning of "Pill of Assurance" is the medicine for soothing the nerves, while it now means the words or actions capable of setting people's mind at ease.  

e.g.Hearing the approval of Louis, everyone seems like taking a pill of assurance. 

Chinese words like this also have:


It means stimulating the appetite with the dishes and arousing curiosity or interests. 

e.g. Don't stop halfway, you are tantalizing. 


In Chinese, "羹"  (geng) means thick soup and the people in ancient China always treated their customers with such soup. So compared with direct rejecting, "the customers have taken the Bimengeng (cold-shoulder treatment)" is more polite and tactful.

e.g.Even though Alex got a cold-shoulder treatment this time, he would never give up.

Do you understand these Chinese idioms today? 

Why not try and practice them in your daily life! 

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