Great Fun in Optional Course

By Carmen |  release time:June 5th,2018

Southwest Jiaotong University became a hot topic recently, because it offers an optional course described as obtaining credits by finishing Hui Guo Rou ( twice cooked pork slices).

Within only three month, the course named "Food Has the Say" has become a must to those applicants. A lot of students also try to audit the class.


"Food Has the Say" contains a total of 32 periods, with 4 periods on each Tuesday afternoon. Students are required to master cooking 16 dishes, including typical Sichuan cuisines such as Yu Xiang Qie Bing (Fish-flavored Deep Fried Eggplant), Shui Zhu Rou Pian (Boiled Pork in Spicy Sauce), Ma Po Dou Fu (Bean Curd Stewed in Prickly and Hot Pepper), Suan Cai Yu (Fish Boiled in Pickles), etc. Two credits can be obtained upon the student’s successful master of the cooking skills.When I finish this course, I don't think my mother will ever worry about my cooking. (Well, there is no doubt I’m gonna gain 10 kg as well.)



Take a look at this special syllabus ↓


I wonder whether the teachers will accept a student like me who graduated from universities for years.

Besides "Food Has the Say", there are optional courses of great fun in other universities, too!

Chengdu University: Traditional Archery

In the spring semester of 2018, the traditional archery optional course offered by Chengdu University became a celebrity among students, attracting more than 150 applicants. Taking the physical differences between male and female students into consideration, the school divides them into two different classes. It also provides an archery court for their practice.

These students will surely know how to shoot well when they graduate. We better not mess with them!


Sichuan Normal University: Ancient Bashu Kingdom Customs and Dialect

While still promoting mandarin, Sichuan Normal University considers it significant to keep and protect Sichuan dialect. So it offers an optional course of ancient Bashu Kingdom customs and Sichuan dialect. Up to date, applicants not only include students from places outside of Sichuan province, but also a lot of local-born.

In order to be successfully admitted to this class, applicants have to finish registration within limited time. So the internet speed and input skills are the key. Onlookers may think they are running for some hot discounted items on Taobao.

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Chengdu University of Technology: Evening Aerobic Exercise

In the Sport College of Chengdu University of Technology, the optional course, Evening Aerobic Exercise, becomes so hot. In order to guarantee the teaching quality, the office of teaching affairs only offers 30 vacancies each semester. Within only a half day of its release, the vacancies were occupied. Late applicants even came to the school office to plea for another chance. The course is only for undergraduates, but postgraduates, PhD students, and even teachers, will occasionally come to be side students in the evening run.


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