Sichuan Agricultural University

Sichuan Agricultural University |  release time:May 18th,2018

With bio-technology as its unique feature, agricultural technology as its advantage and multiple academic disciplines developing in coordination, Sichuan Agricultural University is a key national “Project 211” university, national “double top-notch” institution of higher education and a higher education institution of distinction as evaluated by the Ministry of Education's bachelor's program education standard assessment. Sichuan Agricultural University currently operates through its Ya’an, Chengdu and Dujiangyan campuses that together occupy a total area of approximately three million square meters and administer 6.25 million copies (pieces) of documents and texts in their collections.



Sichuan Agricultural University is comprised of 26 colleges and schools and 15 research institutes (centers) that encompass ten academic disciplines including agriculture, physics, engineering, economics, management, medicine, literature, education, law and arts. At SICAU there are seven post-doctoral study stations, 11 tier-one subjects and 48 tier-two subjects with authority to confer doctoral degrees, and 18 tier-one subjects and 87 tier-two subjects with authority to confer master's degrees, as well as eight types of professional degrees and 91 bachelor's degree programs, along with four national key disciplines and key cultivation disciplines and 19 provincial key disciplines. According to comprehensive scoring from the 4th round of national academic discipline assessment results in 2017, the SICAU is ranked 7th and 4th respectively in Chinese agriculture and forestry higher education institutions and Sichuan higher education institutions.

Beginning in 2015, the two majors of Agricultural Science and Botany and Zoology have maintained in the top 1% echelon on ESI world ranking, while the Animal Nutrition and Breeding Science discipline was included in the Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities (the 111 Project ). 


External Exchanges

Sichuan Agricultural University has established rapport and collaborative relationships with over 30 scientific research institutes and organizations in more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, Japan and South Korea. The school is also one of the first two hundred schools authorized to host overseas students, as well as a contract institution of higher education in the country's high standard university graduate student state-funded study abroad establishment program.


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