Got It | Tips For Getting A Perfect Spring Festival

By Echo |  HELLO Chengdu |  release time:February 7th,2018

Spring Festival is coming. There is only one week before the starting of days when people can sleep in and  sit around fireplace, watching TV and eating sunflower's seeds, which you have been looking forward to. But before you get all excited, come and see the strategy for Spring Festival so that you can get a perfect holiday!


Competing for Red Packet

Red packet symbolizes the blessings from families and friends. Nowadays, in addition to the "physical" red packet, the online "War of Red Packet" that is launched on the App, like Wechat, Alipay, also prevails, which make the festival more interesting. Remember to charge your phones, or you will miss 100 million before you realize it!  


Collecting Five "Blessings"

Collecting five "Blessings" is an emerging game during Spring Festival. People attempt to collect five "blessings" through scanning "Fu" ( a Chinese character that means "blessing" ) by App and use five "blessings" to exchange red packet on Chinese new year's eve. People can also give or exchange with others to collect all. "My friends, would you like to exchange 'blessing' with me?" is a necessary sentences for Spring Festival! 


Watching Spring Festival Gala

Watching Spring Festival Gala is an essential part on Chinese New Year's eve, which means a lot for Chinese. It has become a new tradition of Spring Festival that watching Spring Festival Gala while competing for red packet.  

Wish you all Spring Festival happy in advance!

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