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HELLO Chengdu |  release time:February 12th,2018

How do you feel about the roller-coaster like weather lately? HC saw many people wearing Tshirt last weekend and they might have put their overcoat. Yet a rise in temperature is coming. 

However, when everyone is worried about what kind of clothes to wear, I am very calm.


Late spring coldness refers to a weather phenomenon that has a lower temperature than normal years after a rapid rise in temperature in early spring. Early spring climate changes not only in Chengdu. Many cities in the north even the snowed which really let people know about "spring chill."


Since there is late spring coldness, of course there are countermeasures. The saying literally suggests people do not rush to reduce clothes in the spring and also don't just wear too much in the early autumn. However it should also be adjusted according to your own situation.

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