Got It| Have You Been a Person Who "Has It All"?

By LittleFrog |  HELLOChengdu |  release time:January 29th,2018

 If there is an award ceremony in animal kingdom, cat must be a strong contender for the title "the most popular animal in 2017 " , for its images and videos can be found everywhere on websites, with shining eyes and lovely paws, which makes it the online celebrity and obliges people to become its servants one after another.


  Today, we will introduce the daily life of cat owner to you!


  "Shoveling shit"literally means "clean up after pets",therefore, "officers responsible for shoveling shit" refers to pet owners. People keeping pets always call themselves "officers responsible for shoveling shit"to express their love for pets with self-mokery.


例句: 喵星人那么可爱,我心甘情愿当一名铲屎官!

e.g. So lovely cats are! I am most willing to be an "officers responsible for shoveling shit"


  Although being "Shoveling shit" is a hard work, the reward is that you can "inhale cats" to your heart's content."inhale cats" means that owners love their cats so much that can't help taking them in arms and kissing them again and again.




  e.g. I have a strong desire of  inhaling cats as usual.



  However, there are still many people have no way toinhale cats. "Keep cats in the clouds" refers to a phenomenon that cat lovers owning not cats for objective reasons can only relief the desire of inhaling cats through browsing cats’ images and videos on SNS.     




  e.g. Today is also a day of Keeping cats in the clouds.

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