Got It| The First Day Frog Left. Missing Him.

By LittleFrog |  HEELOChengdu |  release time:January 29th,2018


  It is a small mobile game named Travelling Frog. Game players who always put themselves in character of old mother need to reap clovers that can be used to exchange foods and tools. In addition, players also have to pack up for the frog and treat to its friends when it is out. On the rest of day, players can only wait for its return.  


  To kill the time to wait, let's study the little frog's way of travel and apply it to our next travels!

  Pictures of Tourists

  With a sense of humor, it means souvenir picture of travel, in which people have changeless and stiff gestures. In the game, little frog will send some pictures of tourists  to its old mothers from time to time so as to ease their lovesickness. 


 Handheld Gifts 

  It refers to the presents that are given to kin and friends after people return from their travels. During travel, little frog will buy some handheld gifts for old mothers. They are usually local specialties and souvenirs that can be used to serve frog's friends.



  As the saying goes: a man depends upon his parents at home and upon his friends abroad. It's inevitable to ask for others' help when you are travelling alone. Then, it is necessary to learn how to make a request! 




  eg:-Excuse me! Could you please take a picture for me?

       -No problem!




 eg: -How long does it take from here to People’s Park on foot?

      -About 10 minutes.


 Wish you old mothers can spend an enriched day while waiting for your little frogs!

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