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release time:December 21st,2017

  Lately, the word “佛系” becomes popular in SNS. It refers to the situation where young people today try to manage their temper and pressure with a clam attitude.

  Here are some explanation.


  It refers to those who has worked for more than 3 years, dealed with many tough first party and can keep calm no matter how difficult the work is.

情景模拟:“不好意思,这个方案老板有点意见,需要再改一下。” “嗯,一会儿就改。”

Conversation: —Sorry, our boss thinks this program need some change.

                       —Wait for a moment, please.


  This kind of staff never wear makeup and always get to office right before work time. They occasionally talk in the chat group unless others mentions them. They also wouldn’t decline work commission, nor complain about work overtime. Yet they never perform actively.

情景模拟:“这次的活动多亏了你,做的很好。” “是大家的功劳。”

Conversation: —Well done.

                       —It's everybody's credit.


  It means the couple break up with no drama. They just give each other blessing and back to single life quitely.

情景模拟:“我们分手吧。” “都行,看你。”

Conversation: —We are done.

                       —Whatever you want.

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