Got It | How to Get Warm on Winter Solstice

release time:December 20th,2017

  It's getting colder and colder lately and Friday will be the Winter Solstice.


  Worry about the following days?

  I'm has prepared new words and warm tips for you!


  The Twenty-four Solar Terms is a temporal knowledge system and practice based on observation of the Sun's annual motion.The solar terms were initially determined through the measurement of sundials,and the shadows of the pole of the sundial happened to be the longest during the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice has theshortest daytime of a year.


Example: After the Winter Solstice, the weather will reach the coldest stage.


  In Sichuan, it's a custom to eat mutton to fend off old on Winter Solstice.


Example: Which restaurant has the most delicious mutton in Chengdu?


  In the northern part of China, people would eat "Jiaozi" (dumplings) on Winter Solstice. It is said that because dumplings resemble the ear, eating dumplings on the Winter Solstice will protect your ears.


Example: I want 200g dumplings, please.

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