International School in Chengdu:Chengdu Montpellier Primary School

release time:August 23rd,2017


  In 2012, Chengdu and Montpellier , in order to deepen the international exchange and cooperation between two cities and accelerate the internationalization ,modernization, equalization of basic education in Hi-tech Zone of Chengdu, got an agreement to start a primary school (Chengdu Montpellier Primary School )in Hi-tech Zone to provide high-quality public education service for the children and parents that live around. 


  Chengdu Montpellier Primary School has a massive five level facility. The school grounds cover an area of 4400 ㎡, the construction area covers 23699 square meters and the building have an area of 19510 square meters. This modern campus includes a gymnasium, an art center, a 300 meter circular track field, an open recreational area, 20 modernized, personalized, and multipurpose classrooms, and 36 regular classrooms. Most of the classrooms include internet, smart board teaching system, and other necessary tools. The school is designed to facilitate the education of all students.

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  The school is committed to providing modern and international equipment to all of our teachers and students. They will actively participate in local curriculum reform to develop school-based curriculum. (International interpretation courses:One French courses per week,Four English courses per week,and one international interpretation course per week.) The school does not only focus on the traditional Chinese cultural heritage, but also influence the students with western classical culture. They focus on the students' ability to adapt to the development of the future society and the ability to compete internationally.(Proficiency in foreign languages, excellent cross-cultural communication skills, excellent information processing skills, excellent innovation skills, and excellent psychological skills).School consists of 36 classes and 1620 students.


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