About Us

  The Home in Chengdu online platform (website, app and WeChat official account) is primarily responsible for providing practical information about national entry and exit, accommodation, tourism, employment, medical care, studying, investment, shopping, entertainment and other areas to foreigners, with the goal of catering to the interests of foreigner by cultivating atmosphere and ambiance similar to international metropolises, improving convenience for foreigners working and living in Chengdu, and raising their sense of community and sense of belonging in Chengdu. Since the inception of the platform, Home in Chengdu has always insisted on delivering to foreigners the best guides for life in the Hibiscus City and offering a reliable channel of accurate information for foreigners to learn about Chengdu and foreign lifestyle in the city. As an integral component to the platform, the diverse array of online and offline campaigns has become a key conduit conducive to promoting Chinese-foreign cultural exchanges and interactions.