How do I make travel arrangements?

How do I pay for tickets, online or through an office?

Do you have metros?

When I take a taxi, do I need to tip?

How can I pay taxi? Only cash or credit card too?

Do your taxis use meters?

Do I need to carry my passport when using transportation like train?

Do I need passport to purchase ticket?

Am I allowed to take buses and travel freely throughout Chengdu?

Do you have special transportation from downtown to airport and train stations?

If dining out, can I call a taxi to take me back to hotel?

If my friends and I are drunk and can't drive, is there a service to drive me and my car back to Hotel?

Do you have Uber?

Am I allowed to drive in China?

What do I need by way of license?

Can I rent a Car?

Can you recommend a company to rent from?

Is it expensive to rent a car?

Do I require insurance for my car?

What do I do if I get into an accident while driving a car?

How many flights to international cities do you have?

Do you serve meals on the speed train?

Can I bring my own food on a speed train?

Can I buy daily passes for public transit?

If get lost, what should I do?

Is your transit system wheelchair accessible?