How to Eat Hotpot Like a Local in Chengdu

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  Today Potato Head will show you how to enjoy hotpot, in Chengdu style. Check it out !


  Hotpot seasonings Broths

  Sichuan hotpots are separated into vegetable-oil broth and beef-tallow broth. Vegetable-oil broths, made from rapeseed oil, is relatively lighter, and with Chinese herbs added, they have a more tempered flavor suitable for the less spice-tolerant. 

  Beef-tallow broths have a rich flavor, and are much more likely to adhere to your foods, coating everything in fire and saliva-inducing smells. Beef-tallow broths solidfy quickly, so don’t panic when you notice those layers of dark orange fat in formation on your pots, utensils, and plates. 

  Broths aside, all hotpot share a foundation in red chilis, Sichuan peppers, ginger, garlic, broad bean paste, and chicken seasoning.

  Generally, raw foods are cooked in vegetable-oil broth and beef-tallow broth on a hotpot table. Rapeseed oil, a type of vegetable oil, is normally used in the broth. Hotpot prepared with vegetable-oil broth has a faint appetizing smell but does not cause stomach burning. To relieve internal heat and reduce chances of stomach burning, some hotpot restaurants supplement the broth with medicinal herbs, which make their hotpot well suited to those who do not like spicy food.

  Beef-tallow broth has a strong pleasant smell. The taste of stir fried spices tends to cling onto the food. Hotpot prepared with beef-tallow broth is highly appetizing, hot, and spicy. For such reason, the smell of hotpot prepared in beef-tallow broth will cling onto clothes and follow you wherever you go.Beef tallow tends to solidify as it cools down. If you see an orange layer of oil on the rim of the pot or bowl or on chopsticks, don't panic. It is just solidified beef tallow. Hot pepper or pod pepper, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, garlic, bean sauce and gourmet powder are always the main seasonings, whether it be vegetable-oil broth or beef -tallow broth.

  If someone asks me, "what is happiness means to you?" I would say:"Hotpot".

  My happiness is hotpot and hotpot only.

  Hotpot Menu


  It is normally a sheet containing with information about everything from seasonings, specialties, meat dishes, vegetable dishes to refreshments, alcohol, drinks and prices.

  Dipping Sauces

  There are mainly three types of hotpot dipping sauces: oil sauce, plain stock sauce, and dry dipping spices. Dipping sauces consist of oil sauce, soup stock sauce, and dry sauce.One can choose any of them that suit his taste. Here are some recommendations.


  Oil sauce includes sesame oil, mashed garlic, scallions, and cilantro.

  You can also add some oyster sauce, gourmet powder MSG or vinegar if you are so inclined according to your taste.


  Soup stock sauce Plain stock sauce stock consists of the soup, MSG, and salt.

includes soup from the pot (without vegetable oil or beef tallow), gourmet powder, and salt.


  Dry sauce dipping spices contain includes dried hot pepper powder chili powder, salt, gourmet powder MSG, and smashed crushed peanuts.

  Hotpot Dishes


  Raw foods must be fresh. They are eaten once they are done. Cook them as you eat. Each mouthful of hotpot mouthful screams satisfaction.

would give you a great sense of satisfaction.

  The hotpot dishes that I must My hotpot stapels are order each time include tripe slices, goose intestines, duck gizzards, pork luncheon meat, quail eggs, and cilantro meat balls...

  Tips: Eating hotpot with a Chengdu citizen is the best way to enjoy hotpot. You’d do well by dragging a Chengdu local with you when eating hotpot.

  Attention! I want to introduce other some other dishes that Chengdu citizens folks in Chengdu like.


Duck Blood


Pig Pork Brain

  If you want to know the taste, try it yourself.

  Hotpot Refreshments


  Crispy pork slices Fried pork slices

  How can you forget crispy pork slices! Don’t forget about fried pork slices. This is some crunchy, greasy, delicious porky goodness you don’t want to lose. Crunchy, appetizing, tender, smooth, fatty but not greasy—these are the inherent features of crispy pork slices!


  Brown sugar-stuffed Glutinous rice cake with brown sugar stuffing

  A Chengdu snack made with glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. Soft and sweet, these mocha-like desserts are your friends classic snack in Chengdu made of glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. Soft, appetizing, and sweet, one single glutinous cake with brown sugar stuffing does not seem to be enough.

  Hotpot Drinks

  Viee soymilk, herbal tea, and dark plum juice


  Put away your light-colored clothes before eating hotpot. Don’t wear light-colored clothes.

  You will be a walking hotpot spice bag afterwards. There are many hypotheses for ridding those smells, but it’s easier to just shower and wash your clothes. You will smell like a “walking hotpot” the moment you leave the hotpot restaurant. Ways of removing the smell abound on the Web, but it is better to take a bath and have your clothes washed.

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