From Downtown Area to the Airport: A Fast and Cheap Path

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  Chengdu Metro Line 10 began its trial run on September 6th.. As Chengdu’s first Airport Express Metro Line, it connects the downtown area to Shuangliu International Airport, spanning 10.9km from Taipingyuan Station to Shuangliu International Airport Terminal 2 Station. Passengers may take Metro Line 3 or the -soon-to-launch Line 7 to Taipingyuan Station,where they can reach the airport within about 15 minutes , at a cost of mere 4 RMB.


  Transfer Guide:

  Line 1 passengers should transfer at Sheng Tiyuguan (SichuanGymnasium) Station to Line 3 to reach Taipingyuan Station;

  Line 2 passengers should transfer at Chunxi Road Station to Line 3 to reach Taipingyuan Station;

  Line 4 passengers should transfer at Chengdu Shi Er Yi Yuan (2nd Municipal Hospital ) Station to Line 3 to reach Taipingyuan Station;


 Follow the signs at Taipingyuan Station to arrive at the Line 10's waiting area.


  Blue automatic ticket vending machines are available in the hall of Line 10asatime-saving ticket purchase option.


 Select your destination (Remember to tap on the small circle).


 A payment window will pop up.


  Select the number of tickets to purchase in the upper right hand corner of the window.

  The one-way ticket is valid only on the day of purchase. Please do not purchase more tickets than you need.



  Now choose your payment option: cash, bank card, Alipay, or WeChat. The 1st phase of Line 10 is currently Chengdu’s only fully QR-purchase-friendly Metro line.

  For cash and bankcard payment, follow the instructions once the green light is on and place your cash or bank card as instructed. 


  Alipay and WeChat payment require using a corresponding cell phone App to scan the QR code before payment is possible.


  Locate the Metro turnstiles (only passable with green light on)


 Swipe your ticket and you are good to go!


  Take the elevator and board the train!

  As an important line to the airport, the 1st phase of Metro Line 10, the first to adopt trains equipped with A-model carriages and 6 car configurations, is, with a maximum speed of 100km/h, is the city’s fastest train with the largest cargo load. CPII technology, which is widely used in high-speed railway construction, has been introduced to ensure passengers a smooth ride.


You may reach the entrance to Terminal 1 after riding an escalator.

Sounds easy? Then get moving!

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