Bring Potted Plants Home for Health Purpose

本站 |  release time:May 12th,2017

    Although private garden is luxury in urban life, the desire of people for pursuing nature is always there. For the consideration of both beauty and health, more and more people love to put potted plants in their residences. When the spring comes, street vendors emerge everywhere. They ride a tricycle where flowers and various plants are on sales, brimming over with vigor and vitality. Do not consider the cultivation of potted plants to be as simple as just bringing them home. They will not grow well until placed in position 

Common ivy 
Placement location: Sitting room 
Function: It can not only control bacteria and worms from outside but also collect dust and smoke to wipe out the carcinogens from nicotine. 
Plants with equivalent function: Fig, common nepenthes and aloe. 

Placement location: Bedroom 
Function: It is used for absorbing carbon dioxide to produce oxygen so that aeroanion concentration of indoor air will rise up. Plants with equivalent function: Sansevieria, aloe and agave americana. 

Chlorophytum comosum 
Placement location: Kitchen 
Function: It is used for purifying air and absorbing a variety of harmful indoor gases as well as methyl aldehyde to lessen bacteria and microorganisms in air. 

Mentha haplocalyx briq
Placement location: Desk 
Function: It can be used for refreshing and restoring the minds of people.
Plants with equivalent function: Jasmine 

Snake plant
Placement location: Toilet 
Function: It is used for absorbing humidity. 
Plants with equivalent function: Mozzie buster, snake plant and pteridophyta 

Parthenocissus tricuspidata
Placement location: Balcony 
Function: It is used for preventing solar radiation to lower down indoor temperature. 
Plants with equivalent function: Climbing plants such as grape, ipomoea nil, wisteria sinensis and rosa multiflora

Pachira aquatica
Placement location: Hallway
Function: It is used for maintaining the balance of humidity in rooms.
Plants with equivalent function: Dracaena sanderiana and ficus elastica


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