Outbound Money Transfer

本站 |  release time:May 12th,2017

Step 1 Open an account 
Needed: Your passport 
Go to a nearby Bank of China (BOC) →Open a personal account at the counter→activate e-bank service→set up an e-bank account and password→get dynamic password token 
P.S:English service is available in large BOC branches 

BOCs in Chengdu (incomplete list) 
Sichuan University Nanyuan branch: No.24, Section 1, 1st Ring Road South, Chengdu
Yindubranch: No. 78-84, Zizhu Street North, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Tianfu Avenuebranch: No. 186, Tianyun Road, Tianfu Avenue, High-tech Zone, Chengdu
Hongxing Road Middlebranch: No. 120, Section 2, Hongxing Road, Chengdu

Step 2 Deposit transfer amount
Deposit the amount of RMB to betransferred to your account at a BOC counter or an ATM.

Step 3 Enquire into exchange rate
Choice 1: On BOC branch office LED screens
Choice 2: Click "BOC EXCHANGE RATE" on BOC official website http://www.boc.cn/ (with English interface) where exchange rates between RMB and foreign currencies are listed.

Step 4 Make remittance through e-bank
→Log in BOC e-bank http://www.boc.cn/
→Enter "Currency Exchange" and exchange RMB to foreign currencies according to instructions
Tips: "Currency Exchange" is only available between 08:00 and 22:00
→ Enter "Transfer"
→ Enter "To Overseas Accounts"
Following instructions and steps, fill in country, name and address (detailed to street) of the recipient, SWIFTcode of the beneficiary bank, and information of the remitter
P.S:Maximum remittance amount: 50,000 USD/day 
→ Finish outbound remittance
Tips:Besides the amount of remittance, you need to pay the following two fees 
1. Handling Fee:1/1000 of the remittance amount, 50 RMB per remittance at minimum, and 260RMB per remittance at maximum.
2. Telecom Fee: 80 RMB per remittance for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and 150 RMB per remittance for other overseas regions.

Step 5 Take a screen shot of the website and save it as proof of remittance.

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