How to Get a Chinese Name?

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    A good Chinese name is a must-have while you are studying and living in Chengdu. Do study the following recommendations carefully so that you'll be able to give an impressive self-introduction to your Chengdu friends! 
Attention! A Chinese name includes a surname and a given name. In most cases, a Chinese name has 2 or 3 Chinese characters. 

Step 1 Choose a surname
Choice 1 You may be inspired by referring to the Top 10 Chinese surnames:
1.李 Li 2.王Wang 3.张Zhang 4.刘Liu 5.陈Chen 6.杨Yang 7.赵Zhao 8.黄Huang 9.周Zhou 10.吴Wu
Refer to the names of celebrities:
Bruce Lee: A Superstar of Chinese Kung fu
Liu Xiang: The Olympic champion in 110m hurdles in 2006
Stephen Chow: Famous comedian and director from Hong Kong
Li Ka-shing: The richest man in China
Choice 2 Choose a compound surname to be different:
1.欧阳Ouyang 2.公孙Gongsun 3.诸葛Zhuge 4.司马Sima 5.东方Dongfang
Refer to the names of celebrities:
Ouyang Fei: The Canadian consul general in Chongqing
Zhuge Liang: Famous thinker of Shu in the Three Kingdoms period
Sima Qian: Politician and litterateur from the Northern Song Dynasty of China
Choice 3 Transliteration
Examples: Owen→欧Ou Todd→陶Tao Sherlock→夏Xia Marla→马Ma Sheldon→谢Xie

Step 2 Choose a given name

If you are fond of flowers, you can choose:
樱Ying (Cherry), 茉莉Moli (Jasmine), 桃Tao (Peach), 菊Ju (Chrysanthemum), 馨Xin (Fragrance), 柳Liu (Willow) 
You can also use the name of an animal:
蝴蝶Hudie (Butterfly), 凤Feng (Phoenix), 百灵Bailing(Lark), 杜鹃Dujuan (Cuckoo), 莺Ying (Warbler), 龙Long (Dragon), 虎Hu (Tiger) Just like Helen, Tom, etc. are common names in English, the following Chinese characters are also commonly seen in Chinese 
For females: 莹Ying, 雪Xue, 琳Lin, 晗Han, 涵Han, 琴Qin, 晴Qing, 丽Li, 美Mei, 瑶Yao, 梦Meng, 茜Qian, 希Xi, 夕Xi, 梅Mei, 月Yue, 悦Yue, 乐Le, 彤Tong, 珍Zhen, 依Yi, 沫Mo, 玉Yu, 灵Ling, 菲Fei, 玲Ling, S思i......
For males: 伟Wei, 刚Gang, 勇Yong, 毅Yi, 俊Jun, 峰Feng, 强Qiang, 军Jun, 平Ping, 保Bao, 东Dong, 文Wen, 辉Hui, 力Li, 明Ming, 永Yong, 健Jian, 世Shi, 广Guang, 志Zhi, 波Bo, 宁Ning, 贵Gui, 福Fu, 生Sheng, 龙Long, 元Yuan, 宇Yu, 祥Xiang, 才Cai...... 

Step 3 Determine your Chinese name
After so much hard work, please have your Chinese name reviewed by a Chinese friend. This is an indispensable step. If you don't do so, you may make a ridiculous mistake because of inappropriate words and meanings.
Have Fun:There is even an online service of choosing a name. It can help you create a Chinese name automatically according to your English name and your birthday, the result of which is, however, for your reference only!

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