Chengdu Bureau of Expo

Functions and Responsibilities:

I. Take charge of organizing, managing and promoting the development of the citywide convention and exhibition industry, and organize and draft the city's convention and exhibition industry development strategy and yearly work plans; and promote international economic and trade cooperation and exchange citywide.

II. Host various types of important convention and exhibition events. Plan and organize international convention and exhibition cooperation projects; cultivate local convention and exhibition branded festivals and celebrations; and provide exhibition information and business training services.

III. Apply for international and domestic convention and exhibition activities. Gather and organize international and domestic convention and exhibition information, and coordinate various resources to apply for the hosting of convention and exhibition activities in Chengdu.

IV. Provide supplementary governmental affairs services to large and medium-sized foreign convention and exhibition activities that take place in Chengdu.

V. Carry out international exchange and cooperation. Invite and host international economic and trade organizations and companies for business tour, investment and convention and exhibition participation in Chengdu, host various types of business recruitment and investment introduction promo activities, negotiations, symposiums, technical exchanges and relevant lectures, and engender cooperation between Chengdu and domestic and foreign trade, economic and exhibition sectors; and organize relevant Chengdu organizations and companies to go abroad to partake in trade and economic exchange activities.

VI. Provide international trade and economic information and legal service. Undertake the collection, organization, dissemination and publication of international and domestic trade and economic information, provide trade and economic information, consultation and credit standing investigation, function as intermediary for international and domestic trade, economic and maritime affair arbitration, and process various types of proofs and documentations relevant to trade.

VII. Carry out advertisement and promotion activities. Carry out investigation and research about convention, exhibition and trade promotion, provide policy suggestion and consulting service, and undertake advertisement and promotion for the whole city's convention and exhibition industry.

VIII. Instruct and coordinate convention, exhibition and trade promotion efforts of relevant organizations and various districts (cities) and counties. Instruct and coordinate works of the Chengdu Association for the Convention and Exhibition Industry and the Chengdu International Chamber of Commerce; cultivate district- and county-level conventions, exhibitions, festivals and celebrations; instruct and coordinate works of Chengdu city's various trade promotion branch organizations and international commerce chambers of districts and counties; and manage affiliated and subordinate institutions.

IX. Shoulder the responsibilities to instruct, supervise, manage and serve the development of the convention and exhibition industry within the area of administrative jurisdiction of the city of Chengdu as delegated by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, take charge of filing work for exhibitions, sales, expos, trade fairs and other forms of economic or trade conventions and exhibitions hosted in Chengdu, and take charge of supervisor duty of the convention and exhibition industry.


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