Chengdu Bureau of Statistics

According to regulations stipulated in the Notification from the General Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government on Printing and Issuing the Regulations on the Main Responsibilities, Internal Structure and Staffing of the Chengdu Bureau of Statistics (Cheng Ban Fa [2010] No.91), the Chengdu Bureau of Statistics is a work department under the Chengdu Municipal Government. Its main functions and responsibilities are:

I. Carry out in earnest the state's, province's and city's strategies, policies, laws, rules and regulations as well as statistics systems and statistics standards, draft relevant local rules and regulations, and formulate and organize the implementation of the whole city's statistics development overall plan; examine for the approval of the whole city's local statistics investigation projects and foreign-involved statistics investigation projects; take charge of the organization, leadership and coordination of citywide statistics works, and ensure the authenticity, accuracy and timeliness of statistical data.

II. Take charge of the calculation of the whole city's national economy, and calculate the whole city's gross regional product; collect, organize and provide national economy calculation information, and carry out analysis and research; and supervise national economy data calculation in districts (cities) and counties.

III. Organize the implementation of statistical investigation of citywide national economy industries such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail, lodging and food and beverages, and real estate, as well as basic social development conditions and basic environmental conditions in aspects like energy, investment, population, income and science and technology, establish a citywide socio-economic development monitoring and assessment system and index system, monitor and evaluate key areas and key sectors, and collect, organize and provide statistical data related to investigations.

IV. Organize and draw up the whole city's general sentiment and capability survey plan, organize and implement surveys in aspects such as population, economy and agriculture, specialized national sentiment and capability investigation and the whole city's input and output investigation.

V. Establish a comprehensive citywide statistical data quality examination, approval, monitoring and assessment system, and examine, approve, monitor and assess the whole city's key statistical data in accordance with the law; and instruct basic statistical infrastructure construction.

VI. Carry out statistical analysis and prediction on situations regarding aspects such as national economy operation, social development, science and technology advancement and resource environment; centrally check, ratify, manage and announce the whole city's basic statistical data, and regularly publish statistical information concerning the whole city's national economy and social development conditions; provide statistical information and consulting suggestions to the municipal party committee, municipal government and relevant organs, and provide statistical information service to the society and the public.

VII. Assist in the management work of the head of district- (city-) and county-level statistical organ; collaborate with relevant organs and organize the performance of citywide statistics professional qualification examination, employment qualification verification and other test and related works;

Instruct the whole city's statistics professional human resource and workforce establishment, and carry out statistical exchange and cooperation; and supervise and manage statistics funding allocated by central government finances or provincial and municipal government finances.

VIII. Earnestly carry out basic standards and operation regulations for statistics database and network formulated by the state and the province; build and manage citywide statistics database system and statistical information automated system; and instruct the establishment of statistics informatization.

IX. Carry out relevant administrative approval items announced by the municipal government.

X. Carry out other items delegated by the municipal party committee and the municipal government.

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