Chengdu Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau

 Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Commission 

1.Adjustment of Functions

(1) Responsibilities assigned: to undertake the construction of vegetable markets in the central city which is previously undertaken by the Chengdu City Management Administrative Enforcement Bureau.

(2) Responsibilities removed: to cancel administrative approval items as released by the municipal government.

(3) Responsibilities transferred: 

A. to hand over the responsibility of guiding the issue of village and township housing owner-ship certificates to the Department of Housing Management 

B. to hand over the responsibility of the administration of urban construction files to Chengdu Planning Bureau.

(4) Responsibilities to be reinforced

A. Reinforcing the coordination of urban-rural construction, promoting energy-saving buildings, improving living eco-environment and promoting the healthy development of urbanization

B. To strengthen the supervision and management of fortification against earthquake of construction projects.

2. Main Functions

(1) To carry out national, provincial and municipal policies, guidelines, laws and regulations concerning urban and rural construction; to draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to formulate and implement policies and measures, mid- and long-term development plans as well as annual plans for urban and rural construction; to be responsible for the administrative enforcement on urban and rural construction.

(2) To make development plans for large urban and rural infrastructure projects and participate in the formulation of subject plans for urban and rural infrastructure; to lead the efforts to organize research on major issues of urban and rural construction; to be responsible for comprehensive coordination of the key projects; to guide urban and rural construction work of governments at district (city) and county level.

(3) To lead the formulation of annual plans for the maintenance of urban construction and organize their implementation; to participate in auditing the budget and final account of urban construction project; to offer advice on urban construction investment and financing, take the lead in raising, use and management of urban construction fund; to work with the relevant departments to supervise and inspect the administrative charging concerning urban construction.

(4) To be responsible for the supervision and management of the construction and building materials market; to develop credit system in the field of construction; to guide the management of professional training in the construction and building materials market; to coordinate the settlement of wage disputes for works in the construction sector; to supervise and manage the application, quota, cost, bid and tender of the projects.

(5) To be responsible for the building quality and safety; to implement policies and regulations on the quality, work safety and completion acceptance of construction projects; to supervise and manage the market access of the building industry, project quality and construction safety; to execute administrative law enforcement in construction, organize or participate in investigation and punishment of major project quality defect and accidents.  

(6) To undertake responsibilities of supervising and administrating survey and design consulting market; to take charge of construction drawing review and quality management of prospective design; to be responsible for market access of prospective design as well as bid and tender management; to be responsible for the supervision and management of earthquake fortification and guide the earthquake fortification work of governments at township and village level; to undertake the facade management of urban and rural architecture; to be responsible for preliminary design review of major construction project, and to guide the development and utilization of urban underground space.

(7) To manage the citywide real estate development and urban construction comprehensive development; to be responsible for qualification administration and credit management of real estate development enterprises as well as as credit construction of practitioners; to lead the efforts to organize coordination and management of urban renewal and urban village renovation; to take the lead in stepping up housing industrialization, and to undertake halted project disposal and facilitation of reconstruction; to participate in the construction of affordable housing.

(8) To formulate and implement policies and measures for rural construction; to guide the formulation of rural planning, management of rural housing construction and rural house renovation; to guide the improvement of ecological environment for rural residence, organize and guide pilot program for various rural construction.

(9) To be responsible for planning, construction, protection and management of the citywide scenic spots; to supervise and manage the applying and protection of World Heritage; to work with relevant departments to supervise and manage the protection of historical and cultural cities (towns and villages). 

(10) To formulate and assign tasks of urban infrastructure construction; to review the plans and preliminary design of urban infrastructure and ancillary works; to take charge of coordination and comprehensive management for the newly built, renovated and expanded municipal infrastructure.

(11) To facilitate emission reduction and energy conservation in civil buildings and the development of science and technology in the industry; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings; to promote new technologies in the field of construction; to supervise the implementation of national and industrial technical standards in the sector of construction; to promote the use of new-type wall materials and bulk cement.

(12) To guide the works of urban-rural coordinated construction (urban function, infrastructure and public service facilities); to formulate plans for citywide urban-rural coordinated construction and coordinate financing plans for urban-rural coordinated construction and implementation of the projects; to take charge of comprehensive coordination, supervision and guidance of urban-rural coordinated construction projects. 

(13) To take the lead in organizing relevant departments at the municipal level to carry out joint review of construction design documents and joint acceptance of works.

(14) To undertake administrative approval matters announced by the municipal government.

(15) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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