Chengdu Health and Family Planning Commission

Chengdu Health and Family Planning Commission

Main Functions

(1) To carry out national, provincial and municipal policies, guidelines, laws and regulations concerning health, family planning and the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (including integrated Chinese and Western medicine and ethno-medicine , the same below) and draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to formulate development strategies and plans of health and family planning, and organize their implementation.

(2) To draft plans for municipal major disease prevention and control as well as municipal immunization programs, make and implement interventional measures against public health problems that cause serious damage; based on the Catalogue of National Infectious Diseases and Monitoring Catalogue of Infectious Diseases, to draw up public health emergency response and emergency medical relief policies as well as monitoring and risk evaluation plans for public health emergencies, coordinate and guide public health emergencies and other emergency prevention and control and emergency medical relief and release public health emergency response information according to the mandate.  

(3) To supervise and manage occupational, radiological, environmental and school health, monitor drinking water safety and infectious diseases prevention and control in public places. To organize risk monitoring on food safety, launch epidemiological investigation into foodborne diseases and food safety accidents.

(4) To draft development plans and policy measures for fundamental level hygiene, maternal and child health, deployment plans, policies and measures of family planning service and organize their implementation, guide the system construction of fundamental level hygiene, family planning and maternal and child health, promote the equalization of basic public health and family planning services, and to improve new management mechanisms for community level and rural doctors management system. 

 (5) To formulate and carry out industrial management practices for medical institutions and medical services; to draw up and implement regulations and standards for medical institutions, and their medical service, medical technology, medical quality, medical safety and blood banks; to implement access and eligibility criteria for professionals and technical personnel of national health and family planning together with relevant departments; to organize and carry out professional rules and service norms for those professionals and technical personnel of national health and family planning; and to construct evaluation, supervision and management system for medical service; to supervise and manage the quality of blood collection and supply as well as blood for clinical use, and undertake the day-to-day management of voluntary blood donation.

 (6) To promote reform at public hospitals, establish performance evaluation and assessment operation mechanism based on welfare and give advice on medical services and drug price policies; to encourage and guide social capital to operate medical institutions and promote the sound development of non-public medical institutions; to form a harmonious doctor-patient relationship and maintain a good medical order.

(7) To implement national drug policies and national essential drug system; to carry out national drug codes and national essential drug catalog; to carry out policies and measures for the procurement, distribution and use of essential medicine and medical supplies as well as supportive policies for the production of drugs on the national essential medicine list.

(8) To implement policies for gender balance at birth and monitor the development trend for family planning; to collect, analyze and study the data of municipal family planning work, give suggestions on release of family planning risks early warning information; to formulate and supervise the implementation of family planning service and management system; to formulate and implement policies and measures on sound child rearing and improving the quality of newly born babies; to promote the implementation of family planning reproductive health enhancing promotion program in order to reduce the population with born defects.

(9) To establish mechanisms such as interests oriented family planning, assistance to families with special difficulty in family planning, and promoting family development; to coordinate with relevant departments and social communities to perform responsibilities of family planning; to establish convergence mechanism with social and economic development; to put forward policies and measures to stabilize low birth rate.

(10) To formulate and implement family planning service and management system for transient population, and promote the establishment of health and family planning information sharing and public service mechanism for transient population.

(11) To lay out development planning for municipal professionals in health and family planning; to guide the construction of professionals in health and family planning; to strengthen professional training of general physicians and other urgently needed health professionals, to implement standardized training system of national resident physicians and diplomates.

(12) To draw up development planning for municipal health and family planning, carry out research programs related to health and family planning, participate in medical education development planning, give collaborative instruction to universities on teaching medical science and family planning and organize medical education after graduation and continued medical education.

 (13) To improve comprehensive supervision and law enforcement system, monitor the implementation of laws, regulations, policies and measures, organize and investigate major violations against laws, to supervise the implementation of one-vote negation system of family planning.

(14) To perform the duties of publicity of health and family planning, health education, health promotion and information construction; to collect and investigate data by law so as to build municipal population basic information database; to organize International exchanges and cooperation and foreign aids on health and family planning.

(15) To coordinate medical care for Party and state leaders as well as important foreign guests and provide medical services at major conferences and events.

(16) To undertake relevant administrative approval matters announced by the municipal government.

(17) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.

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