Chengdu Water Authority

Chengdu Water Authority 

Main Functions

(1) To carry out national, provincial and municipal policies, guidelines, laws and regulations concerning water utilities and draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to formulate water resources development strategies, plans and policies; to be responsible for compiling major water resources planning such as river basin comprehensive planning, flood control planning, water supply planning and drainage planning of important rivers and lakes in the city; to formulate and implement related systems of water projects; to approve and verify fixed assets investment projects in accordance with the provisions; to make proposals of investment and water projects with fixed assets and plans of municipal construction investment of water utilities, and organize their implementation.

(2) To be responsible for municipal, industrial and ecological water for overall planning and protection; to formulate water allocation plans of the whole city and cross-districts(cities) counties and supervise their implementation; to implement water abstraction licensing system, drainage licensing system and charging system of water resources as well as systems of water resources evaluation and flood control evaluation.

(3) To take charge of water function zoning in major rivers and lakes and supervise the implementation; to monitor the water quantity and quality of rivers, lakes and reservoirs and review the location, reconstruction and expansion of discharge outlets in lakes, reservoirs and rivers; to review and verify the capacity of pollutant load of water bodies; to make proposals on the limit of total wastewater discharge; to provide guidance on the protection of drinking water sources, exploitation and use of groundwater, and to publish official report on water resources.

(4) To take charge of flood control and drought relief, and direct the work of flood control, drought relief and emergency water allocation in major rivers and key water projects; to prepare and implement the emergency plans for flood control and drought relief; to undertake daily work of the Office of Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Chengdu Municipal Government.

(5) To take charge of water conservation; to formulate water-saving standards and promote the water-saving society campaign.

(6) To direct the construction, reconstruction and expansion work of water facilities in central city; to be responsible for the administration and guidance of the water-supply enterprises (including water-supply enterprises with self-built facilities); to carry out price accounting for urban water-supply with relevant pricing department.

(7) To be responsible for the supervision and administration of infrastructures of drainage, wastewater disposal and reclaimed water use; to supervise and manage the sewage treatment plants (stations) and the drainage behavior of the drainage entities; to monitor and manage the under-crossing tunnels in the central city.

(8) To be responsible for the management and protection of water conservancy facilities , water bodies and shorelines; to be responsible for the exploitation, use and protection of rivers and lakes (including artificial waterways, flood flowing zones, water storage areas, flood retarding basin), reservoirs, estuaries and coast beaches; to organize and direct the planning and feasibility research of water projects and to supervise and manage the water infrastructures; to organize and implement the construction and management of important water conservancy projects in trans-districts (cities) counties; to monitor the safety of reservoir dams in the city; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of sand mining on river channels; to manage citywide water environment.

 (9) To direct the prevention work of soil and water losses and the comprehensive measures for erosion protection and control; to undertake the examination and approval of water and soil conservation plans of key construction projects and acceptance of major water and soil conservation facilities; to guide the implementation of key water and soil conservation projects.

(10) To be responsible for the construction of farmland water facilities; to direct the construction and management of projects of safe drinking water, water-supply and water-saving irrigation in rural areas; to guide the establishment of socialized service system for rural water conservancy.

(11) To ensure work safety in water sector, to organize supervision and management of water projects construction and water facilities operation; to take the lead in the investigation and punishment for major water safety accidents.

(12) To supervise and mange water issues in the construction of hydro-power projects and during the operation of local power stations in the water sector; to provide direction to the development of water-energy resources in rural areas in accordance with relevant provisions, and rural electrification and approach of small hydro-power development for firewood.

(13) To manage science, technology and foreign affairs in the water sector; to organize key scientific research and technology promotion in the water sector.

(14) To guide the management of public water emergencies.

(15) To undertake administrative approval announced by the municipal government.

(16) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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