Chengdu Food and Drug Administration
Chengdu Food and Drug Administration

Chengdu Food and Drug Administration 

Main Functions  

(1) To carry out national, provincial and municipal policies, guidelines, laws and regulations on the administration and supervision of food (including food additives and health food) safety, drugs (including traditional Chinese medicines and ethno-medicines), medical apparatus and instruments, and cosmetics; to draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to facilitate the establishment and implementation of the food safety responsibility mechanism, under which food companies shall bear the main responsibility and all departments of municipal government shall take integrated responsibility, establish the direct reporting system for major information of critical food and drug and supervise its implementation and take measures to reduce risks on regional and systemic food and drug safety.

(2) To be responsible for the production, circulation, consumption of food safety supervision and management; to establish food safety risk management mechanism, formulate annual plans for citywide inspection for food safety and programs for major control actions, and organize their implementation; to take the lead in organizing food safety work for major activities; to establish the unified food safety information release system and release information on food safety; to participate in formulating food safety risk monitoring plans and food safety standards, and undertake food safety risk monitoring thereon.

(3) To supervise the implementation of national drug and medical equipment standards and classification system; to be responsible for the research, production, operation and quality and safety supervision of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as supervising the implementation of quality management practices; to cooperate the implementation of national essential medicine regulation; to organize the implementation of the protection system for certain traditional Chinese medicine; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of drugs imported through Chengdu port; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of cosmetics.

(4) To formulate inspection and administration system of food, drugs, medical equipment and cosmetics, organize their implementation and the investigation and punishment on major violations; to improve the cohesive mechanism between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice; to process the complaints and reports concerning food and drug safety and develop 12331 network system; to supervise and implement the recall and disposal system for defect products; to undertake inspection on food, drug, medical device and cosmetics commercials.                   

(5) To establish food and drug emergency response system, organize and guide the emergency response and investigation on food and drug safety incidents, and supervise the implementation of investigation and punishment.

(6) To formulate science and technology development plans for food and drug safety, and organize their implementation; to accelerate the construction of food and drug testing system, electronic traceability system and information application system.

(7) To establish monitoring system for adverse drug reactions, adverse events of medical devices, and undertake monitoring and reporting activities.

(8) To undertake the public communication, education, training, international exchanges and cooperation in the field of food and drug safety; to promote the establishment of credibility system among food and drug companies.

(9) To guide food and drug administration work of governments at district (city) and county level and regulate their administrative activities.

(10) To undertake the routine work of the Chengdu Municipal Food Safety Commission; to take charge of comprehensive coordination on food safety administration, facilitate and improve the cooperation and coordination mechanism; to supervise the work of district (city) departments on food safety administration, and evaluate their performance.

(11) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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