Chengdu Agricultural Commission

Chengdu Agricultural Commission 


Chengdu Agricultural Commission is a composing department of Chengdu Municipal Government, also referred to as the Leading Group Office for Rural Work and the Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperatives.

(1) To implement national, provincial and municipal policies, guideline, laws and regulations concerning agriculture (crop production, animal husbandry, fishery, agricultural mechanization) and rural economy; to draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to draw up long-term and mid-term development plans, annual plans of agriculture and rural economy and organize their implementation; to research into the development strategies and industrial policies for agriculture and rural economy and put forward policy suggestions jointly with the relevant municipal departments for deepening rural economic system reform, stabilizing and improving basic rural operating system.

(2) To coordinate the work of the city’s agriculture, farmers and rural area; to direct, coordinate and promote the overall development of agriculture, rural economy and rural reform; to guide the development of urban modern agriculture, the construction of new countryside and increase farmers’ income; to participate in the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas and the building of rural grass-roots organizations.

(3) To put forward policy recommendations on agricultural and rural economic subsidies; to take the lead in coordinating the financing of agricultural investment; to participate in the formulation of fiscal, monetary and financial policies of agriculture and supervise the use of agriculture-related funds; to develop the modern agricultural zones, agricultural demonstration sites and belts; to develop agricultural mechanization, protected agriculture and agricultural equipment.

(4) To guide and supervise the alleviation of farmers’ burdens and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the farmers; to guide the rural collective-owned assets management, transfer of land-use rights and the arbitration of land contract disputes.

(5) To supervise and manage the quality of agricultural inputs and safety of agricultural production; to carry out safety inspection and assessment on agricultural production in accordance with law; to monitor and manage agricultural machinery safety; to monitor and manage the safety of agricultural genetically modified organisms; to supervise and manage veterinarian administration, veterinary drugs (fishery drugs) administration and fodder administration; to supervise and manage pig slaughtering; to monitor and manage fishery administration, fishing ports and vessels; to lead the investigation and punishment over fishery pollution accidents, and coordinate the arbitration of major fishery disputes; to participate in reorganizing and regulating the agricultural materials market and to crack down on shoddy goods.

(6) To promote the “shopping basket program”; to participate in the system building of agricultural staples market circulation and direct the market circulation; to guide the industrial management of agriculture and the integration of pre-production, production and post- production.

(7) To formulate and implement plans for agricultural resources zoning and the construction of rural energy and ecological agriculture; to guide the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of renewable energy in rural areas, the development of agricultural biomass industry, agricultural and rural energy conservation and agricultural non-point source pollution control; to guide the development of eco-agriculture, circular agriculture and leisure agriculture; to be responsible for the administration of the urban and rural biogas purification projects; to protect and manage agricultural land, shoals and swamps suitable for agricultural purposes, rural regenerative energy and resources of biological species of agriculture and protect aquatic wild animals and plants.

(8) To take charge of the disaster prevention and mitigation work of agricultural production, monitor the disaster of agricultural production, guide the emergency relief and disaster recovery and participate in dealing with agricultural emergencies; to be responsible for monitoring, prevention and control of serious insect pestilence; to carry out supervision and administration of animal and plant disease prevention and quarantine, the investigation into epidemic and organization of eradication.

(9) To develop the agricultural service system, formulate and implement plans and policies for agricultural technology promotion and team building; to introduce advanced agricultural technology, organize the transfer of agricultural research achievements and manage the research achievements; to be responsible for the promotion and application of new agricultural varieties; to participate in the formulation of plans for building personnel teams in agriculture and rural areas and organize their implementation; to be responsible for identifying agricultural vocational skills; to organize the training of rural practical technology and participate in organizing pre-employment training for surplus labor transferred from rural areas.

(10) To foster agricultural business entities and new agricultural management system and to guide the development of leading enterprises in industrialized agriculture, rural collective economic organizations, farmers’ specialized economic cooperatives, family farms and agricultural associations.

(11) To formulate and implement development plans of the supply and marketing cooperatives; to guide the reform and development of the supply and marketing cooperatives; to set up the supply and marketing system of agricultural materials.

(12) To execute dynamic monitoring and analysis of agricultural and rural economic performance; to collect rural economic information including agricultural inputs, supply and demand of agricultural products.

(13) To take charge of the major agricultural investment projects, international agricultural exchange and regional economic cooperation.

(14) To be responsible for the resettlement and post-support work of residents affected by the large hydropower projects which cross administrative region and major national key projects; to organize the formulation of plans of resettlement, annual plans and to manage the resettlement funds and projects.

(15) To organize, coordinate and support rural poverty alleviation. 

(16) To undertake administrative approval announced by the municipal government.

(17) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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