Chengdu Civil Affairs Bureau


1. Implement the guidelines and policies, laws, regulations and rules on civil affairs promulgated by the State, the province and the city; draft relevant local laws, regulations and plans; formulate and implement overall planning and policies for the development of civil affairs undertaking and civil science and technology, and conduct monitoring and inspection in this field.  

2.  Take charge of registration, adjustment, cancellation and annual inspection of municipal-level social organizations and private non-business units; supervise and manage the activities of social organizations and private non-business units; investigate and deal with illegal organizations acting in the name of social organization or non-business unit without registration.

3. Undertake the work of “Two Supporting” in the city; take charge of the examination, application and commendation of martyrs; guide the management of memorial buildings for martyr; be responsible for the resettlement and employment of retired soldiers, officers from state organs and public organizations, and conduct impairment assessment for soldiers and workers who fought wars; oversee and guide the work related to services for people who subject to preferential treatment, compensation and subsidy and compensation for casualties and injuries of officers from state organs and public organizations.

4.  Supervise and guide the accepting and settling service for retired soldiers, demobilized cadres, retired military cadres and retirees without military status; provide the guidance on work in relation to vocational skill training and employment for retired soldiers.

5. Draft policies for disaster relief and organize relief work in the city; establish the emergency response system for natural disaster relief and aid; verify and release information concerning disasters; oversee the use of disaster relief and funds of national, provincial and municipal level; guide disaster relief donations.

6. Coordinate the establishment of social assistance system for both urban and rural residents; oversee and manage assistance work of the city; formulate and draft policies and standards for people subject to assistance; supervise and guide the work related to basic living allowance for urban and rural residents, medical assistance, temporary assistance and assistance for homeless people; protect the rights of senior citizens, orphans, disabled people and households enjoying five guarantees; organize and guide poverty alleviation, assistance to poor people and other social assistance activities.

7.  Take charge of the construction of infrastructure in the city; propose suggestion for strengthening and improving government building in urban and rural primary level; guide the democratic election, decision, management and supervision in village (neighborhood) committee; promote democracy building in the primary level; guide the construction of service system in the community.

8. Manage the work related to funeral and interment and registration of adoption; oversee marriage registration in the city; promote the reform of wedding and funeral customs; investigate into and deal with illegal marriage and funeral; guide the management in marriage registration institution and construction of funeral and interment institutions; guide the work of children adoption in the city; take charge of the registration of children adoption by overseas Chinese or people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

9.  Take charge of the establishment, cancellation and adjustment of administrative districts above county-level; be responsible for the examination and approval of area naming and renaming; approve and report the order of counties; organize and guide the designation of borders of administrative districts in the city; investigate into border disputes in the administrative regions; publicize standard toponym, and regulate the arrangement of toponym signs.

10. Draft development plan and policies for social welfare industry; formulate standards for facilities in the social welfare institutions; set up and implement rules for the management of social welfare institutions; verify and manage social welfare institutions; supervise social welfare enterprises; manage organizations selling welfare lotteries in the city; assist relevant superior departments in managing sales of welfare lotteries; oversee the management and use of the public welfare fund.

11. Cooperate with relevant departments to formulate development plans, policies and working ethics for the team building of talents for public affairs in the city; promote the construction of team of talents for public affairs and volunteer teams.

12. Conduct administrative examination and approval of items released by the municipal government.

13. Undertake other tasks assigned by functional departments in the government.

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