Chengdu Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation

Chengdu Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation is a functional department that carries out the state’s taxation activities within Chengdu.


1. Implement laws, regulations, department rules and regulatory documents related to taxation; study and formulate detailed enforcement measures with reference to actual local conditions.

2. Implement laws, regulations, department rules and regulatory documents concerning administration of taxation collection; study and formulate detailed enforcement measures; organize the reform of administration of taxation collection within the system.

3. Study, formulate and implement local development plan and annual working plan for taxation with reference to the regional economic development plan.

4. Be responsible for the collection and management of the fund (fee), tax source management, tax assessment, anti-tax avoidance and inspection in the central tax, shared tax and laws and regulations of this region; collect all the necessary tax; take charge of the administration of VAT invoice, general invoices and other tax receipts.

5. Supervise and inspect taxation enforcement and internal administrative activities within the system; take charge of administrative work related to penalty and hearing, reconsideration and litigation of taxation.

6. Organize and implement the construction of local tax payment service; formulate and oversee the implementation of management system of local tax payment; implement the rules and regulations that secure the rights and interests of taxpayer, study and formulate specific implementation measures; supervise and implement of Certified Tax Agents management system.

7. Organize and implement classification management and professional services for taxpayers, organize and implement tax services and tax source management in large enterprises.

8. organize and implement the work related to the preparation, distribution and delegation of tax revenue plans; take charge of the accounting of tax revenue and overall calculation.

9. Plan and organize the information application construction of local tax management; formulate regulations on tax management information application; take charge of the promotion and application of Golden Taxation Projects.

10. Manage the import and export taxation and international taxation of the region.

11. Organize and carry out the building of a clean government, anti-corruption campaign and the building of conduct in the local area.

12. Carry out vertical administration over the institutions, compilation, personnel and expenditure in the local area.

13. Undertake other duties assigned by the State Administration of Taxation, Sichuan Provincial Office of SAT, Chengdu Municipal Committee and Chengdu Municipal Government.

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