Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Justice

Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Justice 

1. Supervise the implementation of state, provincial and municipal policies, laws, regulations and rules concerning administration of justice; formulate and implement regulatory documents, development plan and working plan; guide the law enforcement in the judicial system.

2.  Draft and implement the planning of popularization of law knowledge; guide the legal publicity and the governance of law.

3. Supervise and manage the work related to lawyers and notarization; take charge of the work related to administrative penalties. 

4. Supervise and manage the legal aid work in the city.

5. Be responsible for the operation of local branch offices of judicial administrative authorities as well as matters in relation to people's mediation, community rectification, grassroots legal services, and aftercare and rehabilitation for people released from prison;

6. Organize and arrange the national judicial examination; direct legal science education as well as correspondence course;

7. take charge of the registration and management of judicial authentication agencies and judicial authenticators.

8. Guide the city's judicial and administrative system of materials and equipment work

9. Direct and supervise the professional progress and ensure political adherence in the line of judicial administration; take charge of the management and supervision of police affairs in the judicial administration; assist in managing the leadership of the judicial administrative departments of district and county-level.

10. Assist the Provincial Department of Justice in directing and supervising the enforcement of criminal punishments and criminal rehabilitation in prisons.

11. Conduct administrative examination and approval of items released by the municipal government.

12. Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal committee and the municipal government.

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