Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau

Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau 


1.Prevent, stop and detect illegal and criminal activities.

2. Maintain social order, and stop behaviors that hazard the social security.

3. Maintain traffic safety and traffic order; deal with traffic accidents.

4. Organize and implement fire prevention; supervise the implementation of fire prevention;

5. Manage firearms and ammunition, knives, combustible and explosive substances, highly toxic and radioactive items.

6.Perform management on the special industries as prescribed by laws and regulations;

7.Protect the safety of important figures as prescribed in the state regulations; guard important places and facilities.

8. Manage gathering, parade and demonstration.

9. Manage affairs related to household, nationality, entrance and exit, and relevant affairs of the foreigners living and traveling in China.

10. Maintain the order within the state territory and border areas.

11. Impose penalties on criminals who are sentenced to custody, criminal detention, deprivation of political rights and criminals who perform outside the prison; supervise and inspect the offenders who have been declared probation and parole.

12. Supervise and manage the security of computer information systems;

13. Guide and supervise the security work of state organs, social organizations, enterprises, public institutions and key construction projects; and guide the security work of mass organizations such as the Security Committee.

14. Undertake other duties stipulated by law and regulations.

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