Chengdu Education Bureau


1. Implement state, provincial and municipal education policies, laws, regulations, and guidelines; draft relevant local laws and regulations; formulate and implement reform policies for coordinating urban and rural education system and development plan of education.

2. Take charge of the reform on education and teaching; fully implement quality education; promote the balanced development of compulsory education and education equality; guide the educational and scientific research and teaching research in the city.

3. Supervise and manage elementary education, vocational and technical education and adult education; draft admission and enrollment policies and plans for primary and secondary schools in the city; guide the layout adjustment of primary and secondary school; organize, coordinate and manage private education in the city; organize and coordinate education aid。

4. Formulate education evaluation standards for all levels of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens included), secondary vocational school, and take charge of the supervision and evaluation; supervise and assess the education work of district and county-level government, as well as the work of education administrative departments and schools.

5. Guide the development and reform of employment-oriented vocational education; participate in drafting employment policies for graduates of normal colleges and graduates from municipal colleges and universities; organize and implement free secondary vocational education in areas inhabited by ethnic groups.

6. Coordinate and manage education funds of the department; participate in the formulation of policies and measures to raise funds for education, education funds allocation and infrastructure investment, supervise the accumulation and use of education funds; deal with the false charge of primary and secondary schools.

7. Take charge of the building of school faculty and managerial personnel; guide the continuing education and training of teachers and education cadres; cooperate with relevant departments to organize professional and technical qualification assessment of teachers.

8. Take charge of the political and ideological education, moral education, sports and health education and art education, national defense education, civilization construction and comprehensive management in schools and education public institutions; take charge of the conduct building in the education system of the city.

9. Guide international exchanges and cooperation on education; conduct exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

10. Take charge of the work related to the collection, analysis and release of basic information concerning the education system in the city; be responsible for the security management, safety education, and emergency responses within the education system.

11.Conduct administrative examination and approval of items released by the municipal government.

12. Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal committee and the municipal government

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