Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau

Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau (20)


1.Implement the state, provincial, and municipal measures, policies, laws, regulations and guidelines on urban and rural planning, mapping, geography information and the management of archives of urban and rural areas; draft relevant local laws and regulations; guide and oversee the urban and rural planning, mapping and geographic information of suburb areas, districts and counties.

2. Compile Chengdu overall city planning, detailed planning of central district of the city and urban design; cooperate with the administrative departments in the industry to compile and amend the special planning of municipal and central district; formulate and implement the technical standards of urban and rural planning and technical regulations of urban and rural planning; take charge of the examination and approval of the overall urban and rural planning of suburbs and counties, the overall planning of county and the overall planning of key towns.

3. Participate in the planning of rivers basins, regions and land use; participate in the development of economic and social development planning, construction plans, land utilization plan, etc.

4. Assume the responsibility of managing and planning the construction of the central district; take charge of the project site selection, program approval and planning verification and inspection; issue “approval on construction project location, "construction land planning permit", "construction project planning permit "and" construction project planning qualification"; handle and report the site selection of projects of suburbs (cities), county-level, provincial- level and above.

5. Take charge of the planning and management of municipal projects such as urban roads, bridges (including overpasses), tunnels, public transport, rail transportation, environmental sanitation, water supply, drainage, river, gas, green space and parks. 

6. Take charge of the supervision and inspection of the municipal urban and rural planning; investigate into and deal with violations of laws and regulations occurred in formulating and implementing urban and rural planning and mapping; take charge of the work related to inspecting, detecting, investigating and punishing; take the lead in mandatory demolishing of illegal constructions in five administrative districts; guide and supervise illegal construction in suburbs and counties; guide the work related to urban and rural planning of the suburb and county government.

7. Manage the mapping and geographic information of the city; cooperate with relevant departments to formulate and implement the basic surveying and mapping planning of the city and annual plan; supervise and manage the quality and application of mapping results and geographic information; be responsible for the protection and management of survey marks; Supervise and manage of the surveying and mapping market in the city.

8.Take charge of the archives management of urban and rural construction.

9. Take charge of the daily work of the Office of the Chengdu Municipal Planning Commission.

10. Conduct administrative examination and approval of items released by the municipal government.

11. Undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal committee and the municipal government.

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