Name Phone Service
Chengdu Civil Air Defence 028-86917540 Enter
Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Commission 028-86921925 Enter
Chengdu City Gas Corporation Limited 028-86917542 Enter
Fire Brigade of Public Security Bureau. Chengdu 028-86924814 Enter
Chengdu Bureau of Electric Power 028-86919785 Enter
Chengdu City Water Company 028-86912887 Enter
China Construction Bank 028-86924818 Enter
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 028-86912790 Enter
Chengdu Notary Public Office 028-86928152 Enter
Chengdu Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Bureau 028-86922367 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Commission of City Management 028-86924804 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission 028-86921922 Enter
The State Security Bureau of Chengdu 028-86924803 Enter
Chengdu Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau 028-86922367 Enter
Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau 028-86929812 Enter
Chengdu Finance Bureau 028-86917652 Enter
Chengdu Environment Protection Bureau 028-86924810 Enter
The Bureau of Land and Resources Chengdu 028-86510413 Enter
Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau 028-86924844 Enter
Chengdu Education Bureau 028-86924849 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau 028-86917510 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Justice 028-86924801 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation 028-86936605 Enter
Chengdu Local Taxation Bureau 028-86936615 Enter
Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce 028-86917515 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce 028-86917543 Enter
Chengdu Civil Affairs Bureau 028-86921921 Enter
Chengdu Human Resource and Social Security Bureau 028-86924829 Enter
Transport Committee of Chengdu 028-86924813 Enter
Chengdu Agricultural Commission 028-86921931 Enter
Chengdu Investment Promotion Commission 028-86917509 Enter
Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Chengdu Municipality 028-86924831 Enter
Chengdu Administration of Work Safety 028-86921920 Enter
Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication 028-86921929 Enter
Chengdu Forestry and Landscape Bureau 028-86921926 Enter
Chengdu Food and Drug Administration 028-86924845 Enter
Chengdu Water Authority 028-86924800 Enter
Chengdu Health and Family Planning Commission 028-86924811 Enter
Chengdu Sports Bureau 028-86922367 Enter
Chengdu Bureau of Statistics 028-86638070 Enter
Chengdu Archives 028-61884300 Enter
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chengdu Sub-Council (Chengdu Bureau of Expo) 0086-28-61887848 Enter
Chengdu Meteorological Bureau 028-87015830 Enter
Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau 028-61882956 Enter