Dream Wedding - A Selection of Wedding Venues in Chengdu

By Echo Wang |   |  release time:May 10th,2017

  For prospective couples planning their wedding ceremony, the venue is definitely the most important thing if they want a perfect wedding. In recent years, the wedding ceremony has taken all sorts of forms - first the rise of the lawn wedding and Western-style church wedding, and then the introduction of vintage Chinese wedding and creative rooftop wedding by emulative hotels and restaurants, as well as the alternative choice of farm wedding which stays for their advantageous open space and cost-effectiveness. If you feel perplexed by the many choices, why not take a look at the following selection of wedding venues in Chengdu to get a head start?



  Niccolo Chengdu 

  With the 750 m2 pillar-free banquet hall at the 7th floor, the hotel can provide you with a variety of creative theme weddings. The open-air oval hall with French windows surrounded by green grasses at the 8th floor presents both a sense of ceremony and an agreeable ambience, not to mention the great view over the city.  

  Address: No.3 Building IFS, NO.1 Section 3 of Hongxing Road, Chengdu  

  Wedding Banquet Price: 4988 RMB per table minimum

  InterContinental Chengdu Global Center 

  There are three styles of wedding at your choice - the grand wedding at the 1150 m2 pillar-free banquet hall, the ocean themed wedding at the paradise island pool, and the white wedding at the Western-style church. 

  Address: No. 1736 northern section of Tianfu Road, High-tech Zone Chengdu  

  Wedding Banquet Price: 3288 RMB per table minimum for the church square; 4888 RMB per table minimum for the global banquet center

  Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu 

  The hotel, surrounded by Kuanzhai Alley as well as West Sichuan long-standing courtyards, exudes an antique vibe inside out, suitable for court-style and solemn ceremonies. In the center of the venue stands an open stage, which makes the ceremony seeable from all angles and by all guests.  

  Address: No.38 Narrow Alley Chengdu 

  Wedding Banquet Price: 6888 RMB per table minimum

  Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden 

The hotel boasts a 3000 m2 outdoor lawn and an upland Gothic chapel rarely seen in Chengdu locating on the top of the green mountain.  

  Address: No.198 Poly Park, No.1980 Shulong Road, Chengdu 

  Wedding Banquet Price: 2399 RMB per table minimum

  Agritainment (Nongjiale)


  Leisure Garden Music Restaurant

The restaurant elaborately lays out rockeries, waterwheels and swings, with all kinds of plants echoing with the bridges and streams. The banquet hall, facing the lake, presents a romantic atmosphere.

  Address: 300 meters west of the intersection of Caiyuan Road and Shuangnan Road Section 9, Shuangliu District Chengdu

  Wedding Banquet Price: 888 RMB per table minimum

  Bailuwan Wetland Villa

  Here you can truly understand the advantageous open space of the farm stay – covering an area of over 100 mu (about 66667m2) with natural lawns and blossoming flowers at all time, the villa makes all four seasons a perfect time for lawn weddings.

  Address: No.89 Group 3, Fuma Community, Sansheng Road Chengdu

  Wedding Banquet Price: 598 RMB per table minimum.

  Chinese-style Venues


  Shunxing Antique Tea House (Century City Branch)

  If you want to hold an authentic traditional West Sichuan wedding, there is no better venue than tea house. There the classical West Sichuan style meets the modern elements, offering a grand atmosphere with primitive simplicity. Also, you can enjoy Sichuan Opera and tea art stunts there.  

  Address: No.166 Langqiao, New Conference and Exhibition Center, No.1 of Tianfu Road Middle Section, Tianfu New Area Chengdu 

  Wedding Banquet Price: 999 RMB per table minimum

  Baguobuyi (Zijing Branch) 

  The restaurant is themed by the traditional culture of opera house. The main hall contains a West Sichuan Opera stage where local operas are performed during the evening. As a well-established Sichuan cuisine restaurant, the dishes here are also high-quality.  

  Address: No.63 Shenxianshu South Road High-tech Zone Chengdu  

  Wedding Banquet Price: 1109 RMB per table minimum

  Outdoor Lawns


  Laofangzi Restaurant 

  The lawn, lake and square here satisfies every need for a perfect outdoor wedding. If you do it in the evening, you can even have a fantastic fire show.  

  Address: OCT Happy Valley No.16 Huaxi Road Chengdu 

  Wedding Banquet Price: 1299 RMB per table minimum

  Xiyuan Peninsula Restaurant 

  Adjacent to the Qingshui River Park, the restaurant boasts open lawns, terrace and individual log cabins, making a comfortable and pleasant environment. As for catering, multiple choices are available, including Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and Hunan Cuisine.  

  Address: sub No.1 of No.999 Dongpo Road Chengdu 

  Wedding Banquet Price: 1299 RMB per table minimum

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