This Spring, Depart on an Excursion by Metro / By Home in Chengdu

In March 2018, Chengdu Metro Corp. Ltd. announced that Chengdu Metro handled a total number of 3.33141 million passengers, setting a record for a single day's passenger numbers since the new year. Five metro lines have been constructed in Chengdu since its inception in 2005, and the mass rapid transit network formed by the metro is a linchpin in the urban transportation structure that conveniently links together the various highlights and key locales of this huge metropolis. Line 1, as the first line of the Chengdu Metro, will commence trial operation for its third phase on March 18, 2018, after which transit between the downtown districts and the core region of the Tianfu New Area will become much faster. The opening of each new line injects new energy and vitality into this mass rapid transit network. This spring, how will the third phase of Metro Line 1 add to the convenience of the daily life of the people, and what kind of surprises await passengers inside the new stations? Stay tuned for "Home in Chengdu" and unveil the secrets behind the third phase of Metro Line 1.

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