Tea a Sip of Self-indulgence / By HC Editorial Department

China is the cradle of tea and China's earliest written record about drinking tea was discovered in Sichuan. During the Western Han Dynasty (from 202 B.C. to 9 A.D.), Wang Bao from Zizhong, Sichuan, wrote "heat water to brew tea" and "buy good tea in Wuyang" in his work Restrictions for Servants. At that time, Sichuan people not only started drinking tea, but also regarded it as a tradable commodity. As you can tell, a tea system comprising of tea picking, tea drinking and tea growing was established very early in Sichuan. All this is attributed to the advantageous humid climate, fertile soil and natural conditions for growing tea trees provided by the high mountains and flowing waters in Sichuan. Two thousand years later, even though some tea trees had been cut and used as firewood, the water and soil was still here. Thanks to the natural advantages, tea trees were planted again, and the traditional tea producing area was rebuilt. Sichuan tea absorbs the essence of the beautiful landscapes of Sichuan. And Sichuan people have always loved to drink tea. So tea actually functions as a bond between nature and humans. Being mild or strong, or even a combination of mild and strong, the property of tea, natural environment and humanity resemble one another. And the Sichuan tea is also one of the most representative features of Sichuan. The spring is approaching, and the harvest season of tea starts again. For the first time, Home in Chengdu leads foreign friends to explore the origin of Sichuan tea and to discover the development of Sichuan tea. Let's explore the city that has been deeply influenced by Sichuan tea and walk you through the most graceful business card of Sichuan.

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