Eyes on Milk Tea~

By Carmen |  release time:July 26th,2018

Amid the countless recommendations on milk tea, please behold this one that truly "cannot be missed"!

Here are some exclusive milk tea recipes, which are contributed by our special team~

Let's welcome the team members to take the floor! (Music)



HIC Maggie Cheung:

Mug Ice Cream Black Tea + Pudding + Pearl, deicing and full sugar! The original sweet flavor, combined with this "Ace Recipe", makes a calorie bomb that can surely put another several pounds of fat on your belly~ 


HIC Zhou Xun:

Four Season Milk Green + Pearl + Caramel, 30% of sugar. Tasty and chewy with nice sweetness~

Takeaway Recommendation: Cuo Nei Village's Longxian Fresh Milk Tea + Purple Rice Taro Ball. Slightly sweet and yummy with strong milk flavor and super-tasty purple rice~

Fruit + Milk Tea + Pearl. Agreeably sweet~ Also, the recipe of Chabaidao, "Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo + Golden Pearl", is highly recommended~


HIC Sun Honglei:

Four Season Milk Green + Coconut Fruit, 70% sweetness. Though this recipe is a common one, a little milk green and coconut fruit indeed taste good and refreshing!


HIC He Sui:

CoCo's Kumquat Lemon + Coconut Fruit, semi-sweet with ice~ This combination is "a must for midsummer", which is sour, sweet, icy, and heat-relieving~


HIC Elephant Dee

Black Tea Macchiato + Coconut Fruit + Pudding. If you want to try a classic style, you can choose Milk Tea + Coconut Fruit, low sugar (the "secret" is that the coconut fruit is a must). The former recipe is suitable for an online celebrity store, while the latter is better in a Gong Cha IFS store.

Takeaway Recommendation:"Lychee + Low Sugar" from Nayuki, combined with the pink package. So cool!

HIC Faye Wong:

Hot Milk Tea with True Milk + Tea. How tasty~


HIC Chris:

Da Tong Icehouse's Hong Kong-style Milk Tea (Ice), which has a multiple level of tea flavors and a silky smooth taste. Highly recommended!


HIC Gillian Chung:

CoCo Jasmine Milk Tea + Red Bean Pudding, sugar-free. Some Milk Green + Mesona Ice Cream, 30% sweetness (be alert that too much milk tea can make you fatty~).


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