Spring Is Sweet

By Carrie |  release time:March 23rd,2018

As people always say, Chengdu is the kingdom of snacks, so what is the first snack that comes to your mind? Sad Jelly, Guokui, Dan Dan Noodles or Zhong Dumplings? Piquancy is not your cup of tea? No, no, no, it doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to Chengdu snacks if you can't bear the piquancy. Since Chengdu is the kingdom of snacks, how can there be no sweet snacks?


Fried Sweet Ball

The Fried Sweet Ball, also named Swan Eggs, is a famous Chengdu snack. More than 1,000 years ago during the Song Dynasty, people called it Jiao Dui. To make it, prepare glutinous rice, heated oil added with brown sugar. After the oil is boiled, put the rice balls to the hot brown sugar oil pot. The hot oil will be absorbed by the balls and then exuded, and the "Zi~Zi~" sound makes you can't wait to have a bite. Wait until the little balls are swelled and covered with sugar, and then they can be scooped up. If you are lucky enough to observe the chef making Fried Sweet Balls, you would be able to feel the sweet atmosphere that surrounds you. An eager bite makes the balls crack in your mounth and the glutinous fillings become two parts. Brown sugar, glutinous rice and sesame mingle togother. How delicious!


Brown Sugar Glutinous Cake

The Brown Sugar Glutinous Cake is made of glutinous rice. People cordially call it "Hot Pot Partner", for it is a must-have appetizer snack for relieving the piquancy and often seen in some hot pot, Chuan Chuan and Chinese restaurants. First, boil the glutinous rice, and emphatically hammer and roll it into cube shape like making rice cakes . Fry it after slicing up. Wait until the slices are fried to golden color with a crispy shell. Now, they are half-done. After scooping them up, pour the prepared brown sugar sauce and peanut powders. The Brown Sugar Glutinous Cake is not as chewy as the Fried Sweet Ball, but it also has a crispy shell and soft fillings. If your face turned red because of piquancy, try the Cake and it would never disappoint you.


Three Cannons

Every kind of food has its own sound, like the sound "Zi~Zi~" of the two former snacks. However, when you hear "Bang! Bang! Bang!", you'd know it is another unique snack, the Three Cannons. As the steel plate is placed on the side of the chopping board and glutinous cake balls are thrown onto the chopping board one by one, they will hit the metal and produce a "Bang! Bang! Bang!" sound. After the three glutinous cake balls fly through a bamboo fan and fall into another fan which is filled with sesame powder and soybean flour, they are quickly covered by thick powders. And being dished up and poured with delicious sauce, the balls are now ready for you to eat! They taste warm and sweet, not too sticky but easily dissolved. When I'm tired of hanging out I will have a dish of Three Cannons and feel fully powered! (Lol)


So that's all! I'm gonna buy some Fried Sweet Balls in the intersection near No.2 Hospital~ Bye!

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