Say~What am I to You?

release time:January 30th,2018

Last week when all sort of "Most XYZ" lists or "Top Ten" lists were circulating

I was told that I patronized the "Yi Dian Dian" teahouse chain 141 times last year

Now I get it, so that's where the belly came from

After finishing lunch, there is always someone that asks "who wanna get some milk tea?"


Then at around four or five in the afternoon, there is the sudden urge to eat or drink something, and without a second thought I would blurt out "who wanna get some milk tea?"

When burning the midnight oil, it's instinctive to open up a food delivery app and order some milk tea

I love shopping but I do get tired and thirsty, and there always happens to be a teahouse chain or two around the corner...

Actually the U.Love.It milk tea that Jay Chou loves so much never fell off the bandwagon

So today, follow me and Get! Some! Milk Tea!



Tea-drinking know-how: Same teahouse, different kinds of milk tea

The majority of milk tea chains on the market today do not use instant milk tea mixes anymore. Rather, most establishments offer two types of milk tea: those prepared with coffee mate/cream, and those prepared with milk. Check out this menu and you will catch my drift:

Traditional milk teas (made with coffee mate) are usually placed at the most eye-catching spots, such as "signature milk tea" or "jasmine-scented milk tea". Meanwhile, for milk tea made with milk, look for keywords like "fresh milk" or "latte". For instance, though both are created with oolong tea as the base, the version produced with coffee mate is called "oolong milk tea," while the variety that adds milk is named "oolong latte".



Which one to choose?

If you prefer milk teas with "stronger flavors," then go for traditional milk teas; if health is your pursuit but so is milk tea, then order milk tea with real milk.

 How to order?

Choose the type of milk tea

Choose the level of sweetness: No sugar, some sugar, full sugar, or choose sweetness level 0, 3, 5, 7 or 10.

Choose extras: Tapioca pearls, coconut gel, oatmeal, tapioca bubbles, jelly, red beans and etc.

Note: The COCO chain uses the Bright Food brand of specialized milk for cappuccino, Yi Dian Dian uses Weichuan brand of fresh milk, while Happy Lemon uses Nestle's full cream milk.

As for the recently trending tea with cream foam (nai gai), it is made by first frothing "milk + light cream + sea salt/cheese," which is then doused on top of the base tea = XYZ tea with cream foam.

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