Your New Favorite Chinese Take-out

release time:October 17th,2017

  You've probably heard of General Tso's Chicken, Orange Chicken, and Chop Suey. But "authentic" Chinese restaurants have been sprouting everywhere abroad.

  One of China's most popular and fastest-growing restaurant chains is coming to the United States. Media has been speculating on the seismic shifts the braised chicken rice shop could bring to the food industry in the United States. 


  Yang's Braised Chicken Rice is still a new franchise. But since its first store's began service in 2011, the chain has opened staggering 5,000 locations globally, testament to their speed, service, and flavor.

  Yang's Braised Chicken has been compared to In-N-Out, the West Coat fast food boasting a substantial and loyal following. The parallels are hard to miss: similar operation model, food service efficiency, and specialization in one item. The only thing adjustable in a pot of Yang's Braised Chicken is the spice level. Beyond that, it’s uniformity through and through.

  The recipe for this Shandong cuisine staple has barely changed over its80-plus years of existence. Xiao Lu Yang, the founder of the new restaurant powerhouse, traced the recipe to the 1930s. Once inherited, only minor revisions have been made to this homemade delicacy.


  When Yang opened his location, he was struck by the popularty this chicken dish enjoyed. So a franchise store was birthed then over years, more than 5,000locations across mainland China. Some franchises have found their footing in cities in Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

  On September 10th, Yang's Braised Chicken Rice will open its first USA location in Tustin, California. One order of Yang's sole menu offering, the Huang Meng chicken with rice, costs $9.99. Each pot comes with a generous helping of rice and chicken thighs braised with vegetables in Yang's secret sauce. The sauce is actually made in China and shipped to the US, meaning the flavor should almost perfectly replicate what Yang's sells in China.

  If you want to be one of the first people to taste the food in the US restaurant, make sure to reserve a spot for the September 10th grand opening. Otherwise, Yang’s does plan to expand to the rest of the country and beyond. Franchise offers have already come in from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Canada.

  Have you ever taste this cuisine? Would you like to try it sometime? 

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