What Do You Eat for Breakfast?

release time:October 30th,2017

  There is a yummy food which deserves the whole world's attention and will trigger the "food alert".



  In order to avoid triggering the "food alert" of foreign friends and the "anxiety" among the public, I truly feel it's my duty to write a guide on delicious breakfast in Chengdu. Now, follow me to see what Chengdu people eat for breakfast. 

  Jianbing Guozi (Savory Chinese Crepes)

  Yoyo, check it out, give me a set of Jianbing Guozi! Guozi, a word in the dialect of the North, refers to the deep-fried dough sticks. People usually say "a set of Jianbing Guozi" instead of "a Jianbing Guozi". Some claim that Jianbing Guozi origins from Tianjin, while others think it is from Shandong. That’s not the point, since it is not necessary to ask the source of a food as long as it is delicious.


  Add some oil in the pan with the batter of mung bean flour put evenly on it. Then add an egg and green onions over the paste, turn it over, put on crispy fried cracker and fold it up. Topped with sweet sauce, fermented bean curd or spicy sauce, fold it up again and take it away. (Fried green onions smells good; the cracker is separated from sweet sauce in order to preserve its crispness.) Usually, a set of Jianbing Guozi includes a piece of crispy fried cracker and one egg, but you canalso choose two pieces of crackers plus an egg or two depending on personal preference. So the price will be up on your choice. In Chengdu, the flavor of Jianbing Guozi has been modified withspiciersauce and various choices, such as lettuce, ham sausage, fried pork flakes, shredded potatoes, salad dressing etc. If Tianjing people see such Jianbing Guozi, I guess they must be angry and shout out: "It is not food!" But we are in Chengdu, you have the final say on how to eat it.



  Soybean Milk and Deep-fried Dough Sticks

  Speaking of breakfast, we cannot miss the national breakfast – soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks, which can be bought in the breakfast stores everywhere in Chengdu. Soybean milk is nutritional and tasty with various flavors including the primary taste, red date and Chinese wolfberry, black sesame and peanut, walnut and almond.


  Steamed Stuffed Bun

  For steamed stuffed bun, I would like to recommend you the Han BaoZi. Nearly every time I pass by the store, I see a lot of people standing in queues, waiting to buy the steamed stuffed buns which have abundant and tender minced meat with soft and waxy buns according to my dad's description. It's fabulous to just take a bite of it! In fact, there is an extremely famous steamed stuffed buns store – Bao Da Ren, a powerful name, which only sells the steamed buns stuffed with braised pork in sauce. 

  There are a variety of stuffing, such as the commonly known cowpea with minced meat, spicy minced beef, mushroom and cabbage, rose and red bean paste, sesame and peanut as well as bean sprout.


  A variety of noodles/ Fei Chang Fen(Pork Intestine Noodles)

  Southerners prefer rice, while northerners prefer noodles. Located at the southwest of China, Chengdu locals like noodles as much as the northerners. Although noodles in Chengdu are not that al dente as the northern noodles, once adding the unique flavors of Sichuan cuisine, you will get refreshed for starting a new day. Pork intestine sweet potato noodles are a must choice for breakfast each day. Start your work and life with a bowl of delicious and spicy noodles, such as the minced pork and cowpea noodle. It's yummy to add green cowpea and minced pork with chili oil in the noodles. If you feel it too spicy or greasy, just drink a bowl of soup. Besides, you can try the beef noodles, chicken giblets noodles or scrambled eggs and tomato noodles. If you are brave enough, you can also try the pork intestine sweet potato noodles.


  Breakfast varies in different countries and regions. Please write your breakfast at the end of this article after follow our WeChat account (HomeinChengdu). Our readers may find the answer to the question "What should I eat for breakfast?" in your sharing.

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