You Should Know I Miss You (Bonus)

release time:September 21st,2017

  Do you know her?


  Why do people call moon cake? Instead of solar cake, mercury cake or venus cake?

If you want to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival like a Chinese, you need to know a word first:

cháng é

    嫦   娥

  In Chinese legend, Chang'e, a beautiful and affectionate lady, flew to the moon and became a fairy. However, Chang'e and her husband Hou Yi missed each other so much after she dwelled at Moon Palace. One day, an immortal enlightened Hou Yi on meeting his wife: Make a round dough resembling the shape of the moon on the full moon night of August 15 of lunar calendar. Place it on the northwest of the house and call the name of Chang’e over and over again. Then, Chang’e would come back home for reunion with him at midnight. Following the guidance, Hou Yi saw Chang'e flying down from the moon and they were able to reunite with each other. As time passing by, this round dough gradually involves into diverse kinds of moon cakes.

Make Moon Cakes Different

  Cantonese-style Moon Cake

  Cantonese-style moon cakes are featured by spongy and smooth taste, tantalizing lustre, golden color, thin wrapper and rich fillings, little oil but high-sweetness. Cantonese-style moon cake adopts a broad range of fillings such as mixed nuts, Jinhua ham, lotus paste, jujube paste, shredded coconut stuffings, barbecued pork, salted egg, preserved egg, sausage and barbecued pork. The food wisdom of Cantonese people is beyond your wildest imagination.


  Beijing-style Tijiang Moon Cake

  Beijing-style Tijiang moon cake is a traditional local delicacy for festive events. "Tijiang" refers to a kind of technique to make moon cake wrappers. To put it simply, "Tijiang" means to boil syrup and knead dough to make wrappers with the syrup. In addition, some egg white or soybean milk should be added to knead the dough. This type of moon cake features crispy surface and delicious stuffing, and has become a favorite for Beijingers on Mid-Autumn Festival.


  Hong Kong-style Snow Moon Cake

  Snow skin moon cake, partly made from sticky rice, is characterized by white color. Later, it has gradually evolved into multiple starch mixtures with sticky rice as its main ingredient. Snow skin moon cake does not need to be baked, which makes the process simple and easy. It tastes crispy, tender, smooth and chewy with bright colors. 


  Suzhou-syle Moon Cakes

  Suzhou-style moon cake is originated from Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Yangzhou. Stuffed with mixed nuts and sweetened bean paste, Suzhou-style moon cake is known for its puffy skin and its sweetness is much higher than other types of moon cakes. To be more specific, Suzhou-style moon cake shall be called as crispy moon cake. Suzhou-style moon cake can be categorized into sweet & salty ones, toasted or baked ones. Sweet moon cakes are mostly toasted, with rose, fruits, spiced salt and sweetened bean paste as stuffing. Salty moon cakes are mainly baked, with ham, lard, chive and lard, fresh meat, and shrimp as stuffing.



  Learning the stories behind moon cakes, we can see that moon cakes convey our affection towards families and our best wishes for reunion. Stories behind moon cakes tell us that moon cakes represent nostalgia and the wish for reunion. To pass on the wish, please follow us on our Wechat account (HomeinChengdu) and leave your message to convey your feelings to him or her. If your message gets the most likes, Sheraton Lido Hotel Chengdu will present you a box of moon cakes as a gift. Life is so short, so never hesitate to express your thoughts to your loved one.


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