In 1987, the first Agritainment(Nongjiale) appeared in Chengdu,where people can enjoy a delicious home-made meal in the courtyard of a rural household. Since then, it became a fashion to live in the rural house, have rural food, experiencing a rural life, and this rustic entertainment quickly spread to every corner of China. In Chengdu where renowned for its leisure lifestyle, Agritainment is like rooted in the fertile land and grows prosperously. Agritainment combines rural scenery, folk culture, farming activities and holiday recreation as a whole, and it gradually forms a entertaining routine to appreciate blossoms in spring, play in the water in summer, pick fruits in autumn, and enjoy snow in winter - Agritainment originated from foreign countries as countryside travelling, but as it grows in China, it soon develops a new form with distinct Chinese characteristics. Relatively low cost and short traffic time are the key reasons for the prevailing of Agritainment. However, the most important reason for its sustained development remains to be something else: with the pressure of urban life, people in modern cities are eager to run away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and throw themselves into the poetic and peaceful rural life beautifully depicted in ancient poetries. As three decades passed by, people have higher requirements for tourism. The competition in the market becomes increasingly fierce, which thus drives constantly upgrading and transformation within the Agritainment industry. It is true that Agritainment is no longer what it used to be in our memories. Established in Ba-Shu culture and folk culture resources, Agritainment in Chengdu is reasonably planned and designed with creative activities to highlight the individuality and characteristics that drive the transition from a sightseeing activity into an in-depth holiday-spending experience. You may be surprised as much as we were when getting into a rural household of today's Agritainment.

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